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Customer Stories and Reviews

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Meet some of our customers:

Christine Ricketts – Cellar Director, Cellarmasters

“I had a poor experience with a previous investment property/property company, so I was extremely cautious about investing again with a new company. I had my cynical hat on and checked and double checked everything Ironfish told me. Ironfish was so patient and really good with finding answers and solutions to reassure me.”

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Clint Indrele – HR Consultant

“The one thing I like most about how this played out is the convenience of the process. I’d probably still be sitting around waiting to make a decision on a property, had something like this not come along.”

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Mahsa Razdan – Retail assistant

“If we didn’t have our Ironfish strategist to help us, I’m sure we would still be wondering today about how to start investing within our budget. Instead we now own two investment properties.”

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Eric Luo & Mandy Yang – Accounting / Insurance industry professionals

“Attending many of Ironfish’s events and seminars was not only educational and informative, but also helped us build up our confidence about Ironfish as a company to invest with.”

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Vivian Ma – Public servant (Federal government)

“I purchased one investment property in the past. But I was fully aware that I lacked long-term planning or strategy. I didn’t know how much I could afford to borrow, I didn’t know what kind of property I should invest in. I needed a professional I could trust to help me take the next steps.”

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Sarah Wu – Chemist

“My strategist is very, very patient. When I have questions, he takes the time to help me understand everything. Any problems I have, he finds a solution for me. He fixes everything. I’m a single mum, I work full time. If I had to do all this by myself, it would take a lot of time”

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Mario Patino – Marketing professional

“I never invested in property before, because I didn’t have the right information, education or someone I could trust to guide me through the process of how to make my first investment.

“I am now very happy with my first purchase and looking forward to increasing my portfolio over time through Ironfish. They have the right people, information, knowledge and passion for property investment.”

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Rob & Susie Cornish – Registered Surveyor & Company Secretary

“After two years of researching the property market we realised we were getting nowhere fast. After meeting Ilinna and exploring our options, the guidance of the Ironfish team made our investment decisions a no-brainer.”

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Dickson Wong – Electrical Engineer

“Some people are surprised I choose to live with my parents, but I don’t mind because I like spending time with them. It’s also about how do I want to spend the limited amount of money that I have? Do I want to spend it on rent? Or do I want to invest it so that I can buy my own home when I’m ready?”

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Francene Keane – HR Manager

“Getting a pay rise is great but it may not change your life and lead to long-term wealth. Investing smartly [with the help of Ironfish] means I can grow my assets, create opportunities, and work because I love it.”

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Tony Ng – Chartered Accountant

“A lot of people feel they have to compromise big time on their lifestyle to become an investor, but in my experience, it wasn’t the case. As a young professional, it’s completely do-able.”

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Rob & Paula Licuria – Senior Legal Counsel & Early Childhood Educator

“As a lawyer, I’m pretty discerning and can be quite sceptical in my assessment of things. 

“Having invested with Ironfish, we’re not only impressed by the level of knowledge, customer service and ethics of everyone we’ve dealt with, we also trust our strategist completely. She’s been to our home countless times, nothing is ever too much trouble.”

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Nirmal Singh – Mortgage lending professional

“After meeting Joseph, Priscilla and the Ironfish team, it motivated me to dream bigger and do better than what I’m already doing. I can accelerate my investment portfolio and growth because I’ve got a team of professionals behind me.”

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Jenny Ng – Banking industry professional / single mum-of-four

“My Ironfish Strategist always had time for me; she would happily answer all my questions and explain everything – even though she knew I couldn’t afford to make a purchase. She was very patient, and about 5 years later, when I was able to start investing, I had the confidence to invest with her and with Ironfish.”

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Drs. Chris & Cindy Aubrey – Surgical Assistants

“There’s lots of companies that are just wanting to make money. They basically just tell you whatever’s on their books is the right thing to buy. So, it’s hard to find someone you can trust.

“What we liked about Ironfish is that they’re a company that educates and takes on board your whole financial situation and goals, not just your ability to access funds to purchase property. There’s heaps of events and education sessions that help improve your general financial IQ as well.”

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Yanping Ren – Palliative Care Nurse

“Every day I listen and learn from the experiences from my elderly and terminally ill patients. And what I’ve realised is that whilst I’m still capable of working, I need to prepare for the last stages of my life – both physically and financially. I need to have choice and dignity at that time.”

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Candice Lowe – Registered Surveyor and business owner

“What we really appreciated most about Ironfish was that all the homework had been done for us and we simply had to assess our options. There was no pushing or hard sell. Our best interests were as high a priority as theirs were.”

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Jennifer Lipert – CFO, major cosmetics company

“My Ironfish Strategist Vivian Li was very practical, patient and a store of valuable information. After meeting with her, I felt confident to trust her with the task of finding me a house to invest in.”

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Xiaolei Song – corporate executive

“I feel so fortunate to have met Irene and the Ironfish team. If only we’d met sooner, I could have achieved so much more.”

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