Bicycles to Bentleys by Joseph Chou - CEO of Ironfish

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Bicycles to Bentleys

From bicycles to Bentleys: A journey of success – Beijing to Sydney

From bicycles to Bentleys: a journey of success – Beijing to Sydney is the story of Ironfish founder and CEO Joseph Chou, the Chinese-born entrepreneur who left his homeland as a 29-year-old diplomat to create a new life for himself in Australia, only to find himself in a beat-up Sigma delivering pizzas for a lousy $7 an hour. But through hard work, solid business principles and a positive outlook, Joseph went on to own several successful companies including Ironfish, a property investment firm that has fast become one of Australia’s most reputable and successful firms.

In his book, Joseph tells his personal story from Beijing in 1962 to Australia in the present-day, showcasing a humble man who always had a big dream and a clear set of principles to lead his life by. Readers will laugh at his anecdotes, be impressed with the simplicity of his business message, marvel at his dogged determination and be inspired to ensure they reach the goals they set for themselves. Passionate about his new country, Joseph shares his love for Australia and his desire to see fellow migrants embrace the opportunities they are given for themselves and their country, talking candidly about self belief and risk-taking.

It’s Joseph’s hope that his personal story he will inspire others that if he can do it, surely they can too.

Key messages include:

  • You may need to go back to go forward
  • Work hard, be positive, and persevere
  • Take risks and back yourself
  • Never burn bridges
  • Helping others is helping yourself
  • Seek help
  • Value relationships

About the author
Joseph Chou is one of Australia’s leading property investors, having created a multi-million dollar lifestyle for himself from starting with nothing at the age of 29. He came to Australia in 1991 with just $4000 in his pocket and a desire to create a new life for himself. Born in Beijing in 1962, he studied at the prestigious Peking University and then in the US, enjoyed the role of diplomat in his homeland, only to lose the title and prestige by migrating to Australia. He first delivered pizzas for $7 an hour, then underwent door-to-door sales, insurance, and finally property investment, each time elevating his position, personal wealth and reputation as a determined, brilliant businessman. Today he teaches and speaks to thousands about property investment and business principles and is CEO and founder of a leading property investment business with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. He has a firm belief that anyone can make it in the property industry as long as they do one simple thing: play by the rules.


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