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“Your passion for what you undertake and your ethical professional conduct in selecting quality projects is what touches me most and is unforgettable. I highly recommend you to all my friends and relatives for your professional and knowledgeable service…”

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Referring to your consultation service, we found it well tailored to fit our profile. As you were aware of our limited knowledge and experience in property investment, you were patient to explain basic concepts and answer all our questions before showing us recommended projects. You gave us plenty of time to make a decision without pushing us. We were quite comfortable with the approach and the pace.

Evelene & Kempton, IT professional


We have a lot of faith and confidence when it comes to make investment decisions with Ironfish. This is because we believe in you and your team. We are impressed of your professional knowledge in choosing the right property, detailed analysis provided and great after sales services – the gift hamper is a very delightful surprise!

Roan & Cici, Analyst


As we have been disappointed with our investment in the past, we had put our hands off the property investment market for a number of years. But with your expertise and efforts, you really helped us to believe that we have the capability to build up our future. Thanks for analyse the factors, pros and cons with us to make the right decision.

David and Josephine, Doctor


Certainly Ironfish has provided a wonderful service to me… like I said at the time, your professional knowledge helped me simplify the purchase and made it easy and joyful. I will definitely buy from you again if I have the plan of doing so.

Mandy, Account Management


Thank you so much for all of your help with our two purchases of investment properties. You have treated us with the utmost respect and made us feel like family. Whilst we are aware of the fact that you have many clients, you have made us feel as though we are your only ones both before and after a sale. We truly appreciate all that you have done for us. I believe that you are an asset to any client that you have as what you touch seems to turn into gold. I could very easily continue to write, but there aren’t enough words to explain what a gem you are. May you have all the happiness and prosperity the world has on offer.

Tina, Housewife


I am what people would call a reluctant investor. With that said, I have complete trust and faith in you because you have addressed all of my concerns and kept us part of the process each step of the way. You educated us rather than sell to us and that is an incredibly important distinction. I appreciate you working around my hours and apologize for the times that has impeded on your family time. You have no need to push as the projects you present sell themselves. Thank you for understanding my past reluctance and showing me how to best prepare for my future with my present situation in mind.

Omar, Software Engineer


Two things particularly impressed me about our strategist. The first was his directness. If we were looking at a choice of properties, he was able to clearly explain the pros and cons of each of the investments. This really helped us find the most suitable investment quite quickly. The second was our strategist’s follow up. I never had to ask twice for anything. If I needed further information, then it was on the e-mail the next day or he would call in and drop off the information. His professionalism impressed us so much we decided to purchase two properties from Ironfish.

Jason, Product Manager


Thank you for your excellent service and detailed information provided. You have given me very professional guidance and I have great confidence in Ironfish selected properties. I want to take this opportunity to thank you.

Xiaoye, Artist


I am very satisfied with your company’s service. I recently heard from my strategist that my off the plan property had gone up in price. That is good news for me. Richard helped me choose a very good unit. I will keep buying from Ironfish in the future.

David, Wholesaler


Your strategist was very helpful and friendly. He taught me to set a goal and stick to the plan. I am a lot more confident about my future now.

Fudao, Student


With Ironfish’s help, I’ve made my first step into property investment, developed a very detailed investment plan and have a clear understanding about the concept of property investment.

Bo, IT


I feel very lucky to have attended Ironfish’s property investment seminar and I learnt so much from it. With Ironfish’s help, I bought my very first investment property and within a few months, my property has already gone up in value by $40- 50,000. Thank you Ironfish for helping me create wealth.

James, Accountant


Over the last few years of investing with Ironfish and having accumulated four properties, I’ve been further convinced that property investment is a long term, stable and wise choice which can secure the future life. I want to thank Ironfish who provided me the best investment opportunities and superb services.

Jianping, Business Owner


I feel lucky and satisfied with my choice. I am considering investing a 2nd property. I am very happy with my Ironfish strategist who’s been very responsible and helpful.

Susan, Clerk


I want to express my appreciation to Ironfish. We will consider investing again when we are financially ready again. Thank you.

Lucas, IT


I haven’t known Ironfish for long, but I agree with Ironfish’s investment philosophy. Ironfish’s strategist cleared all my doubts on investment and I have full confidence on my future. I have enjoyed my experience with Ironfish.

Jackson, Marketing Professional


We just bought our second property through Ironfish. Although other friends and companies have also introduced other projects to us, we feel more confident to work with Ironfish. Thanks to Ironfish, we have started to build our dream and have a long-term plan. I hope I can buy more properties.

Lily, Housewife


“We purchased 4 properties with Ironfish and have been kept in the loop with regular updates as things progressed. We got handover of our first investment home last week and tenants moved in this week so we’re thrilled with the overall service…”

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This is our 5th investment property we have been involved with, but the first with Ironfish and wish the other four were this smooth. Julian presented three options, all of which met our criteria and listened and we were never pressured…this was seamless and quick between the seminar and signing the contract…looking forward to dealing with Julian in a couple more years when we are ready for another property.

Claude, Finance Manager


It is a fantastic experience in our dealing with Ironfish. We appreciate all the staff in Ironfish for their dedication, integrity and commitment to achieving our financial goals.

Jasmine & Albert, Scientist & Engineer


For a property which you intend to invest, you need to know what facts are more important– its price, quality, location or potential. When you come into Ironfish Adelaide office, you can get integral concepts. Substantial relevant information and considerate analysis is given. You then can have the confidence to make a decision to invest in properties that suit you.

Hui, Aged Carer


My experience with Ironfish started from an investing seminar. The staff in Ironfish are highly professional and kind-hearted. As a freshman in the investing world, I feel lucky to be able to access various valuable resources but also keep the decision making power to myself. Another wonderful thing was that Ironfish can be trusted to manage the investment property. They closely monitored all milestones from the (land) settlement to tenant’s management, and reminded me the things I had to do along the way.

At last, I would like to express my appreciation to all the people in Ironfish who successfully led me to become an investor.

Luojia, Internal Auditor


Ironfish clearly explained their product and investment strategies to us. We knew it was the right next step for us because it clearly matched where we were in our investment plans.

Katie, Business Development Manager


I attended a seminar with my daughter and partner to learn about property investment and was pleasantly surprised about the information freely provided and without a hard sell. I attended a follow up meeting with our strategist who shared me and my partner how we could meet our investment goals and help out our daughter as well. I would certainly recommend the team at Ironfish if you would like to get into property but uncertain how to start. Their follow up has also been excellent.

David, Chartered Accountant


We were trying to find a strategist who shared our vision for our dream home. As a first homebuyer, we found Daniel’s expertise to be professional and he made us feel like we didn’t have to worry. Daniel regularly worked weekends and evenings on our behalf as well as helping us set up our plans to make our dreams come to life. Daniel helped us find a property that my partner and I both liked. We highly recommend you choose Ironfish to help you find and buy your new home as well as draw up your plan on choosing your investment property.

Yiyi, Accountant


Enjoyed the seminars – sandwiches good. Informative content. As a long-term private investor we had never bought an apartment before. Our strategist clearly explained every step to us and led us through to the end. Would have no hesitation in recommending the Ironfish team. We have also introduced a family member to Ironfish.

Denyse & Barry, Insurance Service


After my husband attended an Ironfish seminar we both met with Louise Carr with a view to purchase more investment homes. Our Ironfish Strategist gave us a very thorough overview of our best options and was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the purchase as well as giving us details on their rental management service. We ended up purchasing four house and land packages and have been kept in the loop with regular updates as things progressed. We got handover of our first investment home last week and tenants moved in this week so we’re thrilled with the overall service and have recommended Ironfish to friends.

Sarah, Printer


Ironfish have been brilliant. Keith and I talked about investing in property for many years, did a little reading but never felt we were quite ready to take that plunge! We went along to an information night and were then introduced to a group of down to earth, trustworthy professional staff. We have been treated with respect, always felt comfortable, had all our questions answered and explained promptly. The process has been incredibly stress free. Thanks to Ironfish we felt confident to take that first plunge and look forward to building our portfolio.

Marisa & Keith, Nurses


My initial contact with Ironfish was through a property investment seminar. I am always happy to look at properties that fall within my selection criteria. The Ironfish strategist was able to source a suitable property that was then purchased for my SMSF. During the process I used other companies recommended by Ironfish in setting up my SMSF and financing the property. Being an experienced property investor I have found the service offered by Ironfish to be friendly, professional and informative.

Grant, Fireman

Our Strategist is an experienced hard worker, who really helped us. She put much of her time (day and night) to help us invest in four properties. She was so professional and extremely knowledgeable in her field and she has helped us for almost five years now and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

Thi Ngoc Dung, Factory worker


“Our portfolio has grown substantially all thanks to the professional service provided by Ironfish. Our experience with Ironfish has been very positive. Our strategist has always been friendly and helpful when providing strategies regarding property investment…”

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Over the last 15 years we tried to build up an investment portfolio to set us up for the future. We became very disillusioned by the way some companies operated – their schemes were too good to be true, they provided just enough information to get you in, but left out really vital, costly information – or the sums simply didn’t add up. It left us feeling we couldn’t trust them, and so we simply did everything ourselves. It is really hard work and while we did OK, we didn’t have the expertise or contacts which could have given us significantly better returns. Then we found Nicole and her team at Ironfish. We were very impressed with how she understood and was prepared to work with our situation. We’ve been so impressed that we’ve recommended Ironfish to many of our friends and family and they’ve also become property investment converts.

Lynne, Public Servant


Ironfish provides a very good service. Excellent staff that all work very hard.

Linda, Engineer


The experience at Ironfish has been incredible from the very start. The staff have been extremely responsive, cater to individual needs, are professional and objective assistance is always provided. My partner and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to discuss our plans for our future. We both feel safe as we have people who care about our welfare, as well as their own profitability.

Alan, Student


Our experience with Ironfish was painless, from the moment we arrived at their seminar we were given all the information we needed. From then they guided us with contacts of professional people who helped us with our finance requirements. We have constantly been given updates and kept in touch with emails on the developments of our Investments. I would personally recommend Ironfish to anyone with portfolio and investment goals.

Greg & Lisa, Self employed & teacher


It’s been a very helpful experience with Ironfish. They have not only given us assistance in investing in property but also encouragement in our daily lives. You get some positive energy every time you listen to their seminars or during personal meetings. Many thanks.

Huili, Self employed


Buying an investment property is supposed to be one of the most stressful things an individual can do, so it was important for me to deal with a specialist I felt I could trust and that were open and honest in their dealings. Besides that, as a foreign investor, I required someone like my strategist who was professional and has the knowledge in this field to assist me. They definitely made the process easy and stress free for me!

Rachel, Business Development Manager


Our experience with Ironfish has been very positive. The team has always been friendly and helpful when providing strategies regarding property investment. Our portfolio has grown substantially all thanks to the professional service provided by Ironfish. We would have no hesitation in recommending Ironfish to help you achieve your investment goals.

Mary & Rod, Administrator & Program Manager


I am very satisfied with the level of dedication shown by the team at Ironfish. The positive attitude and industry know-how is a great addition to my investment strategy. I look forward to future investment opportunities with Ironfish.

Michael, Senior Mechanical Engineer


I have been really happy with Ironfish since I first attended one of their seminars in mid 2008. We have since bought two properties from them, and secured the best units because Ironfish got us access before they were released to the general market. I feel very confident about Ironfish’s property analysis and recommendations and the service, ongoing education and after sales support is fantastic. I would highly recommend Ironfish to anyone looking to start or grow their property portfolio.

Sally, Project Manager


My experiences through Ironfish have been very rewarding. Ironfish not only provides property research information, but also educates their clients on how to invest and manage their individual property portfolios. My investment strategist has been very professional and helpful, and has made my whole property investment experience very easy. I am pleased to be associated with a professionally administered company, like Ironfish.

Joe, Financial Planner



“After attending Ironfish’s seminar, I have a fresh understanding of investment. I really appreciate Ironfish’s mission of helping Australians create wealth. I am impressed by the professionalism of the team at the Ironfish Perth office…”

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My strategist has been informative and helpful throughout the investment decision process and provided strategic recommendations to help me to reach my investment goals. I would greatly recommend Ironfish to family and friends for their professionalism and taking real care to meet customer needs.

Biyun, Child Care Worker


I am impressed by the professionalism of the team at Ironfish Perth office. I am fully confident that with Ironfish’s property investment strategies, I am on the journey to wealth.

Hector, Accountant


I learned a lot about real estate investment from my professional Ironfish strategist. Now I am very happy to share the knowledge I learned from Ironfish with my friends. If any of my friends are interested in real estate investment I will suggest they can go to the Ironfish website and talk to their professional staff.

Jon, Hotel Management


“Some friends of mine have made a fortune through property investment and I always regretted that I never got started. Then I attended an Ironfish seminar and was so inspired by Ellen’s presentation and her own property investing experience and stories…”

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Owning a property of my own has always been in my mind, but I didn’t know where to start, where to buy and if I can afford it. After attending Ironfish’s mind-opening seminar, I came to know the investment philosophy. Although, at the moment I am not financially ready to invest in properties, I now have my long-term goal and am working hard towards it. Thank you Ironfish for changing my thinking and making me feel so positive about my life. I am confident that I will become an investor soon.

Sophie, Nurse


I am a single mother with a 12-year old daughter. Ironfish’s seminar changed my mindset about property investment. I bought an off-the-plan property and soon after that the property went up by 5%. I know I’ve made a wise choice and I hope I can continue to get support from Ironfish on my investment journey.

Lisa, Worker


Some friends of mine have made a fortune through property investment and I always regretted that I never got started. In September 2010, I attended an Ironfish seminar and was so inspired by Ellen’s presentation and her own property investing experience and stories. Following the seminar, I met with Ironfish’s strategist who further convinced me that I should invest with Ironfish. Within the next two months, I bought two properties and I am so proud to become an investor now. Without Ironfish, I wouldn’t have achieved so much. I want to thank the Ironfish team for their excellent service and support.

Tony, Engineer


Ironfish is like your best friend – they are very trustworthy and I have enjoyed the whole journey with them.

Gu, Business Owner


My Ironfish strategist has given me tremendous courage to secure my first property investment.

Yen Fen, Shop owner


I think Ironfish is a very professional company, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends anytime.

Fung, Engineer


If you are going to invest your money, why not invest with the people who you know will look after you. I am so happy with Ironfish.

Dan, Housewife


My strategist is a very kind person and I always find her very knowledgeable in what she is doing. She has recommended a very nice investment property to us and I am very happy with her service.

Meiling, Housewife


I have known my strategist for many years and have now bought two properties from her. She is a wonderful person.

Bonnie, Retired


I have bought a property from my fantastic Ironfish strategist. I would not have done anything if it were not for him. I am so happy with him and the company he works with.

Steven, Factory worker


I want to thank you for your kind help. Prior the purchase, you provided us very professional services including detailed info on the Australian property market, the procedure of Australian property investing, related laws and regulations etc. Although we’ve been to Australia and love this country, as we don’t live in Australia, we don’t know much about the local economy, the culture, transportation, city planning and regulations. On top of this, we don’t speak English, so we didn’t think much of investing in Australian properties. But through Ironfish’s professional service, we’ve made it and now have full confidence on the Australian property investment. We would be happy to be your client again for future purchases.

Jinlong, Businessman