Building Your Australia Investment Property Portfolio

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Building Your Australia Investment Property Portfolio

Make the most of your money by investing in the Australian real estate market. Building a portfolio of investment properties is a great way to put your hard earned savings to work creating wealth for yourself that will last you a lifetime – and leave a legacy for your family.

At Ironfish, we can help show you how to buy an investment property in Australia anywhere in the country. Our offices are located in major markets such as Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide, and are staffed with expert analysts, reps, and local specialists who have their fingers on the pulse of the city’s real estate market. We do the work for you and let you reap the results.

How to Buy Investment Property in Australia

The key to our strategy is to keep your eye on the long term view. If you look for turnkey apartments or homes that you can start renting out at a profit right away, while you might pay more up front, having that rental income means you can clear your loan payment with minimal dipping into your existing income stream.

The other important part of how to buy an investment property in Australia is to buy more than one investment property. It’s normal for your apartment or home to sit vacant for a month or two. It’s certainly not unheard for a city market to downturn and face an empty rental unit for longer than that. That’s why we build redundancies into your financial strategy. When you have a portfolio that spans multiple cities, you can rely on your other units to carry you through.

Where to Buy Investment Property in Australia

A great investment property is one that requires the least amount of work while giving you the highest paying tenants. That’s why Ironfish focuses on how to buy investment property in Australia and centres on new construction, in key locations that you can rely on to be in demand. Our team stays on the cutting edge of local information, looking for news of new developments and new infrastructure that will open up suburbs to new tenants. We seek out apartments and homes that are near city centres or on the waterfront in areas that are due for a boom soon. We only consider modern open floor plans in buildings that will be desirable to tenants and that are built by reputable companies.

Once we’ve found a prospective property, we pre-negotiate a rate for you. Our goal is to make buying your Australian investment property as easy as possible.