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How do you plan to achieve the lifestyle you want in the future? [Ironfish Case Study]

  • How do you picture your life after retirement?
  • How will your kids get their start in the property market?
  • How can you join the elite 8.5 percent of Australians who own an investment property?

Recently, Robert Cornish, former ISNSW Director, was asking the same questions when he happened to be referred to Ironfish Property Investment Strategist, Ilinna Avni.

Following an initial phone consultation, Mr Cornish requested a meeting with Ilinna at his home to discuss his situation and outline his needs. He expressed to Ilinna that he was keen to make some major changes in his life and was open to investment recommendations.

Ilinna took the time to understand her customer, his personal situation, financial capability, investment history, and most importantly, his vision for his own future.

“First and foremost in life – and in property investment – it’s important to set goals,” – Ironfish Property Investment Strategist, Ilinna Avni.

She also explained the many benefits of having a property specialist, with personal experience in investing in the property market, to guide him throughout the entire process. Mr Cornish was excited by the conversation and its potential and felt ready to take the next steps.

After doing her research and analysing her customer’s needs and goals, Ilinna met with Mr Cornish at her North Sydney office, where she recommended investment opportunities tailored to his specific needs.

Within a short amount of time Mr Cornish had begun investing. The first property in his portfolio represented what is generally considered a small sum in the market, under $400,000. What he loved about the property was that it was a house and land package in Queensland; a four-bedroom home located next to a beautiful golf course.

“After two years of researching the property market I realised I was getting nowhere fast. After meeting Ilinna and exploring my options, the guidance of the Ironfish team made my investment decisions a no-brainer.” – Robert Cornish, Ironfish Customer.

Within eight months the property was completed and a tenant was arranged within one week of the handover. This was managed by the Ironfish property management team with the aim of being a smooth, hassle-free process.

When asked about his experience with the Ironfish service, Mr Cornish explained how easy he found the whole process from start to finish.

“I’m so busy trying to maintain a work/life balance so having someone else be my eyes and ears in terms of investment is incredible.” – Robert Cornish, Ironfish Customer.

Mr Cornish was surprised to learn that after tax deductions and depreciation benefits, he was more than capable of holding onto this property long-term with the further ability to continue investing.

Mr Cornish was soon to lock in another property in Melbourne and established a new goal of expanding his portfolio to at least ten properties over the next ten years.


Since our establishment in 2006, Ironfish has had many success stories such as this.

As an industry leader, with offices in 10 cities across Australia and China, we help new investors navigate their way into the property market and established investors gain access to quality investment opportunities and services. We support our investors in acquiring a diversified property portfolio, backed by the confidence of the latest research.

Our mission at Ironfish is to see our customers achieve long-term prosperity through smart portfolio investing. We know that property investment can deliver long-term financial success. We’ve seen it happen for thousands of our investors over the last 10 years. Central to this success is our commitment to partnership: we see ourselves as a true partner – we’re in this together and for the long term.

 “We have a very stringent selection process; my main job is to say no to all the sub-par investment properties and products from unreliable developers.” – Ironfish Property Director, Grant Ryan.

Ironfish maintains strong partnerships with industry; our partners include globally and nationally recognisable brands such as developers Mirvac, Lend Lease, Aria Property Group and Gurner. Through these relationships, we often have access to exclusive investment opportunities and properties within landmark or iconic buildings across Australia, properties which we know people will be proud to hold over the long term.

We are proud of the relationships we have developed with thousands of individual investors over the last 10 years. We are also extremely proud of the quality of properties and opportunities that we’re able to offer our investor network.  We have helped our customers to acquire a significant portfolio ranging from one to as many as 11 properties.

Joseph Chou, Ironfish CEO and Founder, has a grand vision for the company’s growth in the next 10 years.

“We are committed to becoming the property investment company that is loved by our staff, complimented by our customers, and admired by industry peers.”

* We would like to thank Robert Cornish, Surveyor and past ISNSW Director, for his contribution to this article.

If you are interested in more information about how Ironfish differs from other property investment companies, book your free appointment with one of our experienced Strategists in your local city, today.