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77 countries and counting…property investment lets me travel the world


Here at Ironfish, we are proud to practice what we preach. Many of our staff are property investors themselves, and have kindly agreed to share their individual stories and their own personal property investment tips. 


Lu Nan

Head of Marketing, Ironfish

“People often think that you can either be present in the moment or think ahead to the future. But for me, the two are not mutually exclusive. I can truly enjoy the moment because I’ve been planning for my future. The two go hand in hand.”



  • Career-driven, single professional
  • 6 investment properties
  • Visited 77 countries and counting


As the Head of Marketing for Ironfish, Lu is responsible for the planning and implementation of all national marketing initiatives.

“I’ve always been a forward-thinking person. I love planning out every element of my life; so I love my work, because it gives me ample opportunities to think strategically and have the satisfaction of chasing set goals and targets. When it comes to personal financial strategies, I always think ahead as to where I want to be in terms of financial security for the future. Property investment has always been a keen interest of mine. I’ve done a lot of research, attended many events and workshops, and I believe that, with some direction and professional expertise, you can go a long way with property. And it can be relatively effortless in helping to achieve your financial goals.”

Taking the plunge

It’s well-known in the Ironfish Head Office that Lu is a seasoned traveller with a nose for adventure. She’s visited every continent, (yes, including Antarctica) 77 countries and over 350 cities. She has also been sky-diving and has bungy-jumped 3 times.

“Travel is unquestionably my passion. I work hard and play hard – but the fact of the matter is that I am able to travel so much because I know that my future is financially secure. I took the plunge and bought my first property when I was in my early 20s and have grown my portfolio from there. As my career has progressed, I’ve always sought to reinvest and diversify as soon as I was able. I know I’ll be able to continue enjoying the lifestyle I have because of a bit of good planning and investment – and that’s a great feeling. I think financial wellbeing is important to everyone; knowing you’re going to be all right, my family is going to be all right – it gives me that reassurance, confidence and positivity towards life in general.”

Work-life / Life’s-work

For Lu, the line between work and life has always been well and truly blurred, and consequently, a lot more fun.

“With my role, it’s always been important to be out networking, socialising, attending events and looking out for good opportunities for the business. And the truth is, I enjoy every minute of it. Life is all about experiences, and I see these work experiences as an essential part of living a full life, alongside travel and time with friends or family. I tend to invest a lot of energy in personal development – and this is all part of it.

“Working at Ironfish is great; it’s vibrant, culturally very diverse, and our directors are encouraging and very inspiring – always emphasising the power of a good attitude. I remember Joseph said to me once that things will go well and things won’t go well. But it’s our persistence through the tough times that measure our strength. With a good mentor, you don’t just expand your skill-set, you also learn and grow as a person. And that’s what I’m focused on.

“Working with people who have the same mindset, the same beliefs and goals means that your dreams and hopes can become a reality. And of course, working so closely with experts in the field, great researchers, market analysts, and of course, great properties, makes it easier to reach my goals.”

A life on Mars

With a strong property portfolio, a successful career and a long list of ticks on her bucket list – one can’t help but wonder, where will Lu go next?

“Mars, I think,” says Lu with a laugh. “I have actually put my name down on the NASA list for a one-way ticket to Mars; I’ll be keeping a look out for some good investment opportunities there!”

Lu’s property investment tips:

  • Life is all about experiences, but time is of the essence. Start planning now and the journey will be rewarding in the end.
  • Lock away any ‘spare’ money – invest if you can and if not, then keep it in a term deposit until you’re able to invest.
  • Consider negative-gearing as it can be potentially tax effective. My tax return is often put towards my next travel adventure.

If you are inspired by Lu’s story and want to find out how property investment can work for you, register for a personal strategic analysis, a free service Ironfish offers as part of our commitment to financial wellbeing and helping Australians achieve financial security through property investment.