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ironfish review

23-year old property investor: “if I can do it, anyone can do it!”


Here at Ironfish, we are proud to practice what we preach. Many of our staff are property investors themselves, and have kindly agreed to share their individual stories and their own personal property investment tips. 


Joshua Vuong

Executive Assistant, Ironfish

“So many people my age are fearful about the property market and feel like there’s no hope. But I knew it was possible – I saw it as a savings race: I knew I was going to invest in my first property within 8 months of joining Ironfish.”


ironfish review


  • 23-year-old ‘rent-vestor’
  • Entry-level income
  • 1 investment property


Joshua joined Ironfish initially in a customer facing, reception role – however his ultimate goal is to grow his portfolio and join our team of investment strategists.

“The culture at Ironfish is so positive and dream-driven – it inspired me to take action, and make it quick. I’d been thinking about investing in property, even before I joined Ironfish, but I had no idea about where to go or what to do. From the moment I joined, I felt like everything was already in place; the research, the properties; the knowledge-base. I could see firsthand what everyone at Ironfish had purchased and how their investments were performing; I knew I wanted to join them; follow the road they were on.”

The race to save

Joshua had already managed to save $20,000 prior to joining Ironfish. Even on a modest, entry-level income, he set himself the goal of saving an additional $20,000 within 8 months to be able to purchase his first investment property.

“I was prepared to do everything it takes to save another $20,000, I put away $3,000 of my salary every month. This meant compromising on where I lived to pay a lower rent. It meant not going out as much, bringing my lunch in to work every day instead of buying it. My priority was saving and investing in my future. Another young staff member and I would always encourage each other in our savings goals. I also constantly talked to Priscilla, a senior Strategist at Ironfish and personal mentor, so when a good opportunity came up, I was finally able to purchase – a 1bdrm apartment in Brisbane, close to the CBD, for $424,000.”


Initially, Joshua had been considering buying a home for himself first, rather than buying an investment property, but after learning about “rent-vesting” – he changed tack.

“At the time, I wanted to purchase a home for myself – but this would have been way too expensive in Sydney. If I wanted something more affordable, I’d be looking at moving more than 40kms out of the city. Priscilla explained “rent-vesting” to me: purchase an investment property first, wait for it appreciate in value, then use the equity to purchase your own home down the track. You can also have the freedom to rent where you want to live. My equivalent Brisbane apartment would be at least $800,000 in Sydney.”

Wedding bells

Joshua has recently got engaged, and is now saving up for his next investment property together with his partner, Lachlan.

“We’re now looking at planning for our future together, thinking ahead about what we want to achieve. My mum raised me on her own and really taught me the value of independence – what’s considered a need vs a want. Mum purchased her own property in 1999 – a 3bdrm house in Cabramatta for $120,000. It’s now valued at $980,000. For me, it’s a clear example of why you should try and think about investing soon. So now, Lachlan and I are both saving really hard – each putting away $3,000 a month to help us fast-track our goals. You can definitely do it on your own and but when you do it with the person you love you get to celebrate your achievements together!”

Joshua’s property investment tips:

  • Surround yourself with experienced investors who can support you in your goals.
  • Make a start – age or income doesn’t need to be a barrier.
  • Look for what’s affordable for your budget – everyone’s situation is different.
  • It’s never too late to get yourself into the market – think long term: our population is growing and people will always need a place to live, so there will always be affordable opportunities.

If you are inspired by Joshua’s story and want to find out how property investment can work for you, register for a personal strategic analysis, a free service Ironfish offers as part of our commitment to financial wellbeing and helping Australian families achieve financial security through property investment.