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How to simplify the process of buying investment property

Rob & Susie Cornish

Surveyor & Company Secretary / Ironfish Customers

“After two years of researching the property market we realised we were getting nowhere fast. After meeting Ilinna and exploring our options, the guidance of the Ironfish team made our investment decisions a no-brainer.”


  • Couple: business owner and corporate governance professional
  • 5 investment properties
  • SMSF with investment property
  • Seeking comfortable retirement

Bringing retirement closer

In their first meeting with Ironfish Strategist Ilinna Avni, Rob & Susie had the opportunity to have what they describe as a “financial health check” which both highlighted the need to start planning for the lifestyle they wanted after retirement, and helped them decide whether they could have a potential investment strategy to achieve this.

“Ilinna asked very good questions about what are our plans for retirement. Because we are still pretty young, we’d never even thought about retirement at all. But what she said really made a lot of sense – you need to make your own plans for the future, you can’t rely on anybody else. For us, we want the security of knowing we can fully support our parents or children, even after we’re retired. And go on holidays, of course!” – Susie


Among the topics and strategies Ilinna discussed with Rob & Susie about their financial situation was superannuation.

“Ilinna was great in helping us to understand the different types of opportunities available. For example, maybe setting up a self managed super fund (SMSF) with an investment strategy associated with it. And since that meeting, I’ve put measures in place to set up that SMSF and looking to purchase the first property through that fund, which is just great.” – Rob

Who has time?

Rob & Susie now own 5 investment properties, which they have purchased over a period of less than two years. They have adopted the Ironfish Portfolio Approach strategy, purchasing a combination of units, townhouses and house and land packages across multiple states: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and South East Queensland.

“Both of us are busy, we don’t have time to look through and do our own research. What we love about Ironfish is their professional service. At the end of the day, people who have done research on your behalf really assists you in the decision making. I mean, who has time these days? Ironfish can also help you look at the tax implications and assist with how you can reduce the tax you pay – which is very important. You also get the opportunity to look at strategies in association with leveraging the banks, if you want to potentially purchase in the future. All this has been extremely helpful from our perspective.” – Rob

After-settlement support

A real stand-out for Rob & Susie was how easy the entire process has been from property selection to settlement to renting it out.

“Once you settle, we’ve noticed with Ironfish, the transition into property management was a real breeze. It was just so easy. We settled on Wednesday and had a tenant in on Friday. It was that quick. And it’s now been about a year and half since the first settlement, and everything has just run so smoothly. The experience is 10 out of 10, no question about it.  If you can get that sort of provision from a service providing company, why wouldn’t you go down this path.” – Rob & Susie

Rob & Susie’s tips:

  • Take emotion out of your investment. Don’t stress if a property value hasn’t increased after only one year. You need to leave it and look at it again in 10 years! Don’t think about it on a daily basis.
  • Don’t be afraid to have a financial health check. You can’t determine your potential or set a plan without it.
  • Find a really good mortgage broker who knows how to structure your mortgage, this has been really important in our case, since we have multiple properties and plan to purchase more.
  • You can’t go in to battle alone – you need a team to help you. Have someone, your strategist or someone with expertise that you can talk to and rely on. Don’t be held back by other people e.g. family members who disagree with your strategies. Form your own judgements.

If you are inspired by Rob and Susie’s story and want to find out how property investment can work for you, register for a personal strategic analysis, a free service Ironfish offers as part of our commitment to financial wellbeing and helping Australian families achieve financial security through property investment.