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ironfish property investment australia reviews

“We knew we were investing in the right property”

Candice Lowe

Registered Surveyor / Ironfish Customer

“What we really appreciated most about Ironfish was that all the homework had been done for us and we simply had to assess our options. There was no pushing or hard sell. Our best interests were as high a priority as theirs were.”


Ironfish reviews property investment australia

Candice picture with her 5 year old son


  • Business owner
  • First time investor
  • 2 properties purchased through Ironfish

How to know you’re investing in the right property

Candice is a busy professional, working in a family Surveying business; her hubby is a primary school teacher and university tutor who has been teaching for nearly 10 years. The two are the proud parents of a 5-year-old who has just started kindy this year.

After the couple had made some inroads in paying off the mortgage on their own home, they started considering investing in property, but were faced with some immediate challenges.

“We had been focusing on paying off our family home and didn’t feel that we were ready to invest until recently. Our major challenge was in finding the right property and trusting it was the right property. Having the time to do your own research to the extent needed on your proposed purchase is hard and daunting.”

Making property investment possible

Candice heard Ironfish CEO & Founder, Joseph Chou speak at a seminar run by The Institution of Surveyors NSW (ISNSW) last year and was inspired by the possibilities.

“Joseph’s talk made investing seem possible and also made us aware of the help you can get to get started.”

Setting goals

After the seminar, Candice and her husband had a chat with Ironfish Property Investment Strategist, Ilinna Avni, who helped them get started over a cup – or three – of coffee!

“The process from that point was very smooth and easy. Ilinna provided us with some booklets on current trends and market expectations. She also provided a few different properties for us to consider but was happy to suggest some which might be suitable for first-time investors such as ourselves. We discussed our goals and what might be needed to achieve these goals in the long term.”

How to decide on where to invest

Candice’s major challenge prior to Ironfish was the intimidating task of deciding on which property and where. After Ilinna presented some options that might fit her criteria, the process became much simpler.

“Our first investment was an apartment in Melbourne, which we decided on for a few reasons. The key factor was the stamp duty concession available at the time which provided a very affordable entry point into investing. The fact that the stamp duty concession was ending soon was a good push to get us moving. Six months later we purchased our second property, which is in Queensland, and is due to settle in the coming months.

“We plan to sit tight at this point and let the first two settle in a bit to ensure we are comfortable. Our current goal is to have 4 properties (excluding our family home) However I think this will evolve over time.”

Candice’s property investment tips:

  • Do your homework or have someone you trust do it for you.
  • Remember that just because you may not want to live there doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t.
  • Surround yourself with a good team of advisors / mentors.

At Ironfish, we pride ourselves on our expertise in being able to identify outstanding new developments in areas with strong potential for growth. We recognise that without the relevant experience and expertise, it can be very difficult for investors to sort through all the new developments on the market on their own. If you’re like Candice, and need a bit of help getting started, give us a call, or book a complimentary appointment online.

*A big thanks to Candice and her family for sharing their investment story and tips.