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ironfish review

“Everyone was investing with Ironfish – now I know why”


Mario Patino

Marketing professional

“I never invested in property before, because I didn’t have the right information, education or someone I could trust to guide me through the process of how to make my first investment.

 “I am now very happy with my first purchase and looking forward to increasing my portfolio over time through Ironfish. They have the right people, information, knowledge and passion for property investment.”


ironfish review


  • Marketing professional working in IT industry
  • Purchased 1 investment property with Ironfish
  • Planning to expand portfolio over time


Seeking a trusted property investment guide

Mario Patino is a marketing professional working in the IT industry. He moved here from Mexico over 10 years ago and is very happy to call Sydney home. Mario had been thinking about property investment for a while but was facing a major hurdle.

“I didn’t know where to start; I simply didn’t have the tools or a trusted guide to help me assess the different opportunities – without the push of selling.”

It’s not just a coincidence that everyone was investing with Ironfish

Mario had a meeting with North Sydney based Strategist Ilinna Avni, who explained Ironfish’s portfolio approach to property investment, and shared some of our selected properties that might fit his criteria.

“After I talked with Ilinna, I found out that one of my friends bought a property with Ironfish. A month later, during a casual chat at friend’s BBQ, another friend shared with me that he’d recently bought a property from Ironfish. Then, when I was talking about investment properties with some colleagues at work, it turned out one of my colleagues was buying her first investment property with Ironfish.

“It made me think that these aren’t just coincidences and gave me the confidence that I was on the right track to invest.”

A great source of inspiration

Ilinna invited Mario to a range of Ironfish workshops, events and property investment seminars – which he found very rewarding.

“Ilinna took the time to understand my personal circumstances and goals and introduced me to other professionals who could help me to understand my investment potential. She invited me to various property investment seminars and events, including the inspiring Bicycles to Bentleys event, along with a few property presentations.

The events were a great source of inspiration and knowledge-building that have helped me form my investment strategy.”

A personal touch 

We know property investment is a significant commitment, so Mario – understandably – wanted to feel completely confident with his intended property purchase. Ilinna helped him liaise with the Vendor to address all of his potential concerns.

“Ilinna presented multiple investment options and we met a few times – she was extremely flexible to accommodate meetings – to discuss the pros and cons of each investment opportunity.

“After shortlisting 3 properties in Melbourne, I decided to fly down to see the location where the property was going to be built, inspect one of the display units and check the nearby amenities and the future growth potential.

“Ilinna facilitated all my meetings and inspections and I came back 100% sure about the property I was about to purchase.

“Ilinna then helped me in finding the right solicitor in Victoria, providing me with a few recommendations. After reviewing the contract, she engaged with the head office team and the Vendor to address and solve my concerns. She also explained everything to me step by step, from signing the contract to settlement of the property. Since then, the Ironfish team has been contacting me regularly to give me updates on the progress of the development.”

Going above and beyond

Mario says what he appreciated most about his investment experience with Ironfish was the service provided by his strategist.

“Illinna Avni is a fully committed and passionate strategist. She provided a highly professional service and went above and beyond my expectations. She treated me as a VIP investor, she represented me with the Vendor and solved any and all of my concerns on time.”

Mario’s property investment tips:

  1. Gain a strong understanding of the market before you invest.
  2. It is fundamental to have a strategist that can take you through all the processes, from understanding your needs to making recommendations and representing you and your interests with the Vendor.
  3. You need to find someone with experience, someone you can trust and who can provide the right guidance and investment opportunities.

Ironfish property investment

If you would like to find out how an Ironfish property investment strategist could help you invest, feel free to book a free appointment here.

You can also find out more about the Melbourne market by downloading our latest property market outlook report.

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