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ironfish sydney review customers

“We didn’t know where to invest on a limited budget”

Mahsa Razdan

Retail Assistant

“If we didn’t have our Ironfish strategist to help us, I’m sure we would still be wondering today about how to start investing within our budget. Instead we now own two investment properties.”


  • Former economist / new migrant
  • Wanted to invest but struggled to find information in a new country
  • Locations restricted by limited budget
  • Purchased 2 properties with Ironfish

ironfish sydney review customers

From Iran to Sydney

Mahsa and her husband Sharam migrated to Sydney from their home country of Iran nine years ago. They have been busy raising two sons, now aged four and seven, and establishing themselves in their new country and new home. Mahsa holds a Masters in Energy Economy and was an Economist in Iran. Here in Sydney, she now works in retail as a sales assistant at David Jones.

“Actually, in Iran we used to invest our money into buying investment properties because we always thought that’s the safest way for investment. In Australia we were very busy settling in new country as immigrants, and also taking care of little kids – plus we didn’t have the money to invest. So, we couldn’t even think about investing in Australia until last year.”

Where to buy an investment property in Australia?

Once Mahsa and her husband had managed to save enough to make investing a possibility, they were then faced with another challenge.

“After we could save some money we decided to think about investing in property here in Australia as well. The problem was we knew that our money still wasn’t enough for Sydney and we were struggling having no information about investing in Australia. Also, we couldn’t get our foot in the market as we didn’t know any professional person who could help us invest with our limited budget in a good area.

Finding a property investment specialist

School networks are often an important way to transition well into a new school or community. For Mahsa and her husband, her kids’ school network was also how she found out about Ironfish – through our North Sydney-based Property Investment Strategist, Ilinna Avni.

“We first heard about Ironfish from Ilinna. We knew Ilinna from my son’s school and we had built up a nice friendship together. In one of our family activity days with the kids, we talked about our jobs. When we found out her line of work, we asked her if she could help us in this area.

“Ilinna was so kind and welcoming and as we trusted her completely, we decided to organise a meeting with her to discuss our property investment goals and options.”

“In our meeting, Ilinna kindly explained everything to us and showed us all the property options we could choose. We had a limited budget and we needed information about properties in other cities, not Sydney. She gave us all the information we needed, and since we completely trust her, right away we chose an option in Melbourne and now we are really happy and thankful about that. Because if she didn’t help us, I’m sure we would still be wondering today how to start investing within our budget.”

Working for our best interests

Mahsa’s confidence to invest was based on a strong foundation of trust with her strategist. But since then, she has been grateful for the many service and support she’s received from Ironfish – even well after the property purchase.

“Our Strategist Ilinna is very kind and is ready to help us whenever there is any need or questions. She gave us all the information we needed from the first day and still she is ready to help whenever we ask her. I know she is doing her best to help us and she wants the best for us – working within our own budget and situation.

“As a whole we really appreciate Ironfish’s professionalism and their information and knowledge about properties in different areas. We also appreciate the services they have provided even after purchasing as well. This service is why we were able to buy a property and manage a property without even being in Melbourne or even visiting the property. The most important thing is we are totally happy with the result and we are buying our second property right now.”

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Mahsa and her husband at our recent customer appreciation black tie event.

The next investment property

“We really want to expand our portfolio depending on our budget, because we believe a portfolio of properties will help put us in a better financial position in future. Now we are buying our second property – in Melbourne as well – and we are trying to plan for buying more in future. We cannot buy very quickly as we have two little kids and limited income now. But we will try to do our best to save for this purpose. Ideally we wish to save enough money to buy in Sydney or at least Brisbane for the next one.”

Mahsa’s property investment tips

  1. I think investing in a portfolio of properties is the safest way to invest your money – especially when you’re prepared to invest for the long-term. I don’t think anyone would regret it – especially if they have the correct information and professional help to invest.
  2. I recommend Ironfish to anyone who wants to get into the market, especially those who don’t have information or time themselves. I’ve recommended Ironfish to all my friends so far. Investment needs specific information and professional views on that market and the Ironfish team is really professional and caring during the process of buying and even afterwards.

Ironfish reviews

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