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“Attending many seminars helped build up our confidence to invest with Ironfish”

Eric Luo & Mandy Yang

Accounting, Insurance industry professionals

“Attending many of Ironfish’s events and seminars was not only educational and informative, but also helped us build up our confidence about Ironfish as a company to invest with.”


  • Experienced investors
  • Invested for tax purposes
  • Purchased one property with Ironfish
  • Building and growing their wine business on the side!

A passion for property – and wine

Eric and Mandy migrated to Australia from China over 10 years ago. Mandy is an accountant, while Eric has had a more varied business career, currently working in the insurance industry. His true passion, however, is Australian wine and he has started a wine business in his spare time. Prior to investing with Ironfish, Eric and Mandy were already property investors.

“We came to Australia when were in our mid-30s, so we knew we wouldn’t be able to rely on the pension or superannuation alone for a comfortable retirement. We always thought it was important to invest in property or the share market once we had saved some money.

“Before investing with Ironfish, we had already got started with property investment, primarily for negative gearing purposes.”

Building confidence and trust to invest

Eric and Mandy heard about Ironfish through a local newspaper. Mandy later met Ironfish Senior Property Investment Strategist Aidan Zhu at a Chinese community social event.

“Aidan invited us to an Ironfish Brisbane event and later a seminar presented by [Ironfish CEO] Joseph Chou. We’ve since become good friends with Aidan and his wife Irene, as well as many of their colleagues at the Ironfish Brisbane office.

“We’ve been to many more seminars and events since then and the experience is always very educational and constructive. The most important thing is that attending these events helped build up our confidence about Ironfish.”

A new home and an investment property

After joining Ironfish Brisbane’s ‘True Wealth’ VIP customer program, Mandy and Eric had the opportunity to view some of the finished properties that Ironfish had recommended to customers in the past. The quality impressed them both.

“After we were shown some of [property developer] Aria’s previous works, we had the confidence to go ahead. We purchased one apartment in Aria’s ‘Valencia’ building. We ended up deciding to move into Valencia instead of renting it out, which we love as the location is so convenient for work. Aidan helped us a lot with property selection.”

Service – above and beyond

Eric and Mandy have been very happy with their Ironfish service experience, right through to settlement and property management.

“Aidan is friendly, professional, constant and always provides a high level of service. All aspects of our experience with Ironfish has been great, with no problems at all. Additionally, Aidan and Ironfish Brisbane have been very supportive of my wine business, helping me to set goals and even hosting some of our wine club events. I think Ironfish staff have also grown a lot of their knowledge about wine from these events – so it has been a great opportunity for a knowledge exchange!”

The future

Eric and Mandy are glad to have started building on their property portfolio, and are keen to expand it further if possible.

“We’re planning to expand as long as it’s supported by consistent income growth in the next several years. The biggest challenge is always how to increase our income to sustain a long-term investment plan. We’re keen to invest more in Brisbane but would love to consider other cities as well.”

Eric and Mandy’s property investment tip:

“Listen and observe. It’s important to listen so you are learning more, but to observe means you are thinking and making your own decisions independently.” 

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