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How this small business owner got off the sidelines & into investing

Clint Indrele

Workplace Relations & HR Consultant

“The one thing I like most about how this played out is the convenience of the process. I’d probably still be sitting around waiting to make a decision on a property, had something like this not come along.”


  • Small business owner
  • Experienced stock trader
  • Purchased 2 investment properties with Ironfish
  • 1 property in a self managed super fund

A growing business – and family

Clint Indrele runs a small workplace relations and HR consulting business, On Demand HR, which is growing fast. His wife is a primary school teacher, supporting kids with learning difficulties – a vocation she loves. Together, they are raising a young family: two boys, aged four and two, in Sydney’s south-western suburbs.

“I’ve been self-employed for 9.5 years; I have one full time staff member, one casual and one contractor. We’ve had steady growth over the past 4-5 years. This year we’ll likely do about 30 – 40% better than last year.”

Diversifying investments

Clint owns his own home but had never invested in property, prior to investing with Ironfish.

“I’ve considered investing in property for years, but never done it. To be honest, it just came down to not having the knowledge, and not having the reserves of time needed to look into these things.

“I have invested in the share market considerably – the US options market – and have actually done very well doing it. But I wanted to diversify a bit and have something else with it. I was lucky with my options trading as I put my money into the US when the exchange rate was good. Everything I already have in there is good to keep working with, but now there’s not much incentive to put new money in when you’re only getting 69c.”

“My ultimate goal would be to retire as early as possible. Whether that’s passive income from the options trading, the business itself (trying to work myself out of the business) and/or a little bit of passive income from a property eventually. If a combination of these can deliver me some passive income by age 50 or even late 40s – that would be great.”


Property selection services

Ironfish North Sydney Strategist Andrew Koleda connected with Clint, an old friend, and suggested he come in for a chat.

“I came in and met with Andrew and Colin [Ironfish North Sydney Head of Strategic Property Services] and we talked through a few presentations, which were very informative. We talked about the markets, some of the ups and downs of different areas, as well as things like migration trends – which states are going up, which are going down. We also talked about longer-term and what was my income goal for retirement.

“I always had my mind on Queensland to buy a property – mainly for affordability. In Sydney, it’s difficult to find something under $700K that’s reasonably metropolitan – even Penrith, which is a good hour out of Sydney, you need to spend at least that much. So, when Andrew presented some options to me in Queensland, something that was palatable, in the price range I was comfortable with – I ultimately decided to do it.

ironfish reviews

“I also bought a second property in the Aspire development in Melbourne through my Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF). This one, to be honest, I decided on a lot quicker. I’ve had a SMSF for years, with quite a bit of it sitting idle, as my original investment plan for it didn’t materialise, so I thought putting it into a property was a pretty good Plan B. Since the development isn’t being built till around 2023, the overall strategy just worked nicely for the situation I had. I only had to put up the $55,000 to secure the property, put the structures in place, then adding into my super over the next 4-5 years would put me in a very comfortable position to complete on that one. It’s something that not many people have the know-how of how to put their super money into a property, so I thought this would be a good opportunity.”

Convenient investing

A key stand out for Clint, was the Ironfish service, which made the investment process so easy.

“What I’ve appreciated most about investing with Ironfish is probably just the simplicity and the convenience of the process. As I said, prior to dealing with Andrew, I wanted to buy a property, but just didn’t have the know-how to follow through. If you want to invest in Queensland, then how do you go about? Do you engage a buyer’s agent, do you fly over and start looking at random houses- where do you even start in terms of choosing these things?

“The other aspect was co-ordinating some of the aspects of process – for example, I didn’t have to go and look for a solicitor or a broker. I didn’t have to deal with the developer myself around any issues or delays. I could have found those people myself but having those things ready to go was much easier. It’s been a very convenient and easy process.”

Clint’s property investment tips

“My know-how is really limited, but what I would say, for people who are in my sort of circumstances – self-employed or working sufficient time that they don’t have much spare time – it’s a great way of going about it. The process is very convenient. I probably would still be sitting on the sidelines if I hadn’t spoken to Andrew, and he hadn’t talked me through the Ironfish process and how it all works.”

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