"Ironfish gave us the courage we needed to diversify our property portfolio for the future" - Ironfish

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“Ironfish gave us the courage we needed to diversify our property portfolio for the future”

Carolyn Koleda

Medical Practice Director

“My husband and I already had a property portfolio, but we had only ever bought houses or land. Ironfish helped change my thinking and transform my future for the better.”

Case in profile:

  • Director of a General Practice Surgery alongside her husband, Dr Victor Koleda
  • Introduced to Ironfish by her son, Ironfish North Sydney Strategist Andrew Koleda
  • Owned a successful property portfolio, but limited to houses or land in NSW only
  • Attending an Ironfish seminar broadened their perspective. Now have a diverse portfolio that includes houses, land and newly-built apartments around Australia

An early start to investing

A mother of three, Carolyn has been the financial manager of her family right from the beginning. While her husband worked as a GP, she raised their children and planned their financial futures, growing her husband’s good income into a modest portfolio of shares and property.

In 1983, after 3 years studying abroad, Carolyn and Victor opened their own General Practice surgery in south west Sydney, with Carolyn serving as the practice Director. From there, they were able to quickly grow their portfolio further, but still lacked the right experience and team to support them.

“Property investment was a big part of our financial strategy, but we weren’t very experienced. We worked hard, we had high incomes and were good savers. At one point we owned up to 6 properties. But we only ever made house or land investments because that’s the advice we were getting at the time. Now I realise that was a more traditional mind set.”

Broadening her perspective

Knowing they needed a new strategy, but not sure where to start, their son & Ironfish North Sydney Strategist Andrew Koleda invited Carolyn and Victor along to a seminar by Ironfish CEO & Founder, Joseph Chou.

“That helped me see things from a different perspective. Not every tenant wants to live in a large house and mow the lawn every weekend. And having these kinds of properties, for us, meant there was a lot of maintenance we needed to pay for. That Ironfish seminar taught me about what the modern tenant wants and the ease as an investor that can come with owning brand-new apartments.”

Taking the next step

Armed with new knowledge, Carolyn began to reassess their current financial portfolio. With their family’s future to think about, she and her husband set a goal to create intergenerational wealth for their family.

“We had money in shares, but they had high brokerage fees. Investing in property, and diversifying our existing portfolio with apartments in different locations seemed like a good way to create intergenerational wealth down the line. We founded a trust company and bought one off-the-plan apartment in the Gold Coast under the new trust structure. We also purchased two apartments (located in Sydney and Brisbane) under our Self-Managed Super Fund. This was a big change from our current investment strategy, but the integrity of Ironfish and their willingness to share their experiences made us confident in taking this next step. We never felt pressured, I took my time.”

Looking towards the future

With new confidence and a clear strategy, Carolyn and her husband now feel assured about not only their own financial future, but also the financial future of their three children.

“All the Ironfish reports and their ability to pick good developers, that’s what gave us the stability and the courage to move forward in diversifying our portfolio. Their integrity and how genuine they are in wanting to help their investors is rare in today’s world. I feel like my family is heading in the right direction for the future with Ironfish.”

Carolyn’s tips for other investors:

  • “Start building your nest egg early and save as much as you can. Then once you’ve got it together, just go for it.”
  • “Look for property in the best position. My mum always said that good real estate in a good position will never go to waste.”