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Investor Resources

Ironfish is proud to use and refer investors to the following services, which offer special discounts to Ironfish investors.

Property Market Research

RP Data is the leading supplier of commercial and residential property information services throughout Australia and New Zealand. Subscription clients to RP Data’s property information service include over 10,000 real estate agents, valuers, property developers, financial institutions and government departments. RP Data is also the largest supplier of electronic valuations and consumer property reports in Australia generating over 30 million electronic valuations every month.

Tax Depreciation

BMT are specialists in the field of property tax depreciation with over 130,000 reports completed and over 30,000 referring accountants to date. BMT offers an Australia wide service with offices in every state and territory, with the same fee no matter where the property is. BMT has developed specialist assessment systems to ensure the maximum number of depreciable assets are identified to increase your deductions.

Landlord Insurance

Terri Scheer is Australia’s leading landlord insurance specialist. Their policies can protect you from the risks caused by tenants that standard building, home and contents insurance may not cover. Best of all, if things turn a bit grey and your tenants default or cause damage, Terri Scheer will make sure that you will not be out of pocket.

Mortgage specialists, Accountants, Solicitors and Property Managers

Ironfish recommends a range of local specialists relating to all areas of property investment. Speak to your local Ironfish Strategist for more information.