Investing in South Australia Real Estate

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Investing in South Australia Real Estate

When it comes to investing in real estate, entering the market with South Australia investment property has never been easier. Property investing is not just for millionaires, it can be an affordable and very lucrative way for the average investor to build wealth and secure a steady stream of income for their future. With a few simple tips to keep in mind, you too can get started on your investment property journey this year!


Taking the long view

Some people think of property investing as ‘flipping’, where one buys a house, fixes it up, and immediately tries to resell it at a higher price to recoup their investment. This is a very risky strategy and frankly not the most effective way to make money. By working with a property investment company, you can instead build a portfolio of investment property in South Australia and beyond. By balancing out properties that will generate rental income with properties that will appreciate in value over time, you can pay down your loan and amass a network of assets that keep paying you out for years if not decades to come.


Choosing the right real estate

The first step in building your portfolio is finding the best investment property. In South Australia, you’ll want to look mostly at Adelaide or other densely populated urban centers where you can rely on steady demand for quality housing. Find apartments or homes that are priced in the middle range for the area. It will be easier to find tenants in this price range and you’ll see more financial growth as higher priced properties draw up the neighborhoods’ value over time.

An ideal investment property in South Australia is one that features a flexible, liveable open floor plan in an area that people will want to live in. Look for places near the waterfront or that are a short commute away from a financial or downtown district. Ironfish can help you find and analyses historic pricing data for the neighborhood to make sure you’re buying at the right time. Real estate markets tend to move in seven to ten year cycles and you’ll want to be sure you’re buying when prices are at their lowest.


Working with someone you trust

A good property investment company can make all the difference in getting the most out of every South Australia investment property that you own. A company has its ear to the ground about new infrastructure or upcoming demolitions that may raise or lower the value of property in an area. It can connect you with real estate experts who can give you the benefit of their experience when you’re deciding where to invest. It can also make it possible to maintain those investment properties across the country by supporting you with other services such as property management. To learn more and decide if investment property is for you, visit one of our South Australia seminars or call our Adelaide office for more details.