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The Secret to Buying Investment Property Sydney Loves …

Investment Property SydneyWhen it comes to saving up for your retirement, nothing beats putting your money in real estate. You get a tangible asset that can’t disappear off someone’s bottom line or in a crash of the market. The secret is to spread out the risk over several different investment properties so your eggs are never all in the same one basket.

At Ironfish, we can help show you not only how to buy investment property in Sydney and in other Australian cities, but how to start turning a profit almost right away. Our team has years of experience in guiding ordinary people towards financial independence and long lasting wealth through smart investments that will pay out for decades to come.

The Ironfish Strategy

At Ironfish, our primary approach in how we buy investment property Sydney people value most, is to always look upon your purchase as a long term investment. You simply cannot count on being able to ‘flip’ your property quickly, especially if you are planning on doing renovations. Instead, you should be seeking out turnkey properties that can be rented out immediately. You can use the rental income to generate income to pay down your loan. After you own the investment property outright, you can continue to draw in rents for as long as you like or sell the property if the market is right.

The second part of how to buy investment property is to build an entire portfolio of rental units. Having a diversified range of properties builds in redundancies in your financial plan. If one area or even one city experiences a dip in the market, your other properties will carry you through. Ironfish has offices with local experts not just in Sydney, but in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and other Australian cities.

How to Choose Your Investment Property

In order to minimise risk and maximise your profit, we recommend buying Sydney investment property in new buildings, whether those are apartments or houses. While you may pay more upfront, you’ll find it easier to rent the unit out at a higher rate. You’ll want a residential unit in an area that you can count to be in steady demand, such as a suburb near the waterfront or near a financial district. You can also look in areas that are due for new infrastructure, but beware of property investment Sydney based deals that look too good to be true! They usually are. The rule is to always do your research. Be aware of local real estate market trends which tend to move in seven to ten year cycles.

Why Work With Us

If you work with an investment property company like Ironfish you’ll get access to VIP opportunities and to our special pre-negotiated rates. Our agents and scouts are constantly in search of the next big thing. Our property strategists are always happy to take the time to sit down with you and do an intensive analysis of your finances and create a plan on how you can purchase your investment property in Sydney and in other cities too.