Purchasing your Perth Investment Property

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Purchasing your Perth Investment Property

When people are looking to invest these days, real estate is becoming the preferred investment tool not only of the rich but of ordinary Australians too. When you buy investment property in Perth and beyond, you aren’t only earning money through rents but you are building your wealth as your properties rise in value over the years. But how do you buy your first investment property in Perth? Ironfish is here to help walk you through the process. Here are a few helpful hints to get you started on your journey.

Planning out your Investment Journey

At Ironfish, we aren’t ‘flippers’ who buy homes and try to resell at a profit. Instead, by taking the long view and carefully pre-selecting which properties to invest in, we help you minimise the risk and get the most out of your investment dollar.

The first step in how to buy your investment property in Perth is to plan ahead to buy investment properties across the country so not all your eggs are in one basket. When you own a rental unit in Perth and Melbourne and Sydney and more, you’ll have several highly desirable units that are easy to fill – and you’ll be protected against dips and turns of the local civic markets.

We’ll help you figure out your investment strategy, including the target amount you expect to make back each month in rent and how soon you can expect to own your homes and apartments outright. Once you do, the monthly amount you get back will be pure profit.

Choosing the Right Units

The first thing that we at Ironfish look for in investment property in Perth and other cities is the right neighbourhood. You don’t want to go too far out from the city centre where tenants are harder to find. But you don’t want to buy in the most popular suburbs where property values have already been raised. We want to help you find the next big part of town. We look near financial districts or downtowns or waterfronts: general areas that already highly desirable, and then we keep our eyes on the real estate data and on upcoming infrastructure developments that suggest an incoming influx of potential tenants in the next few years.

Once we’ve found the area, we look for new construction that will provide you with a turnkey apartment or home, one that will be easy to find a tenant for right away. There’s no reason to make things harder on yourself by purchasing older properties that will require renovation and cleaning. Instead, buy your Perth investment property ready to go.

Get VIP access to the best Properties on the Market

At Ironfish, we do the work for you in finding the best and most exciting opportunities in investment properties. We exhaustively research and fact check before making recommendations, and we pre-negotiate on your behalf so you get the best deal.

To learn more about how to buy your first investment property in Perth and in other Australian cities, call Ironfish now.