Turning Your Perth Investment Into a Business

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Turning Your Perth Investment Into a Business

So you’ve decided to invest into real estate. You’ve found the perfect home or apartment in Perth and you’ve signed all the paperwork. So what happens next?

Next is finding property management for your Perth investment! You can’t be there all the time, especially not if you’ve built up a portfolio of properties across the entire continent. You need somebody local, somebody who knows the area and who can be your boots on the ground to keep an eye on things for you.

The good news is that Ironfish can be that Perth property management company for you.

Getting You Started

Ironfish is not only a property investment company. We equip our investors with the tools and services they need to succeed even after they make their purchase.

A Perth property management agent will be able to get you set up as soon as the property is in your possession. If you haven’t done a walk through yourself, he or she can do it for to ensure the unit is fully ready for tenants. The property management team can help you research the local market and set a fair rental rate, and will also make sure that you have lodged the bond and cleared any necessary inspections.

Your property management agent will also be the party that advertises for a tenant and screen prospective candidates to find the perfect person to take up occupancy in your investment property.

Maintaining Your Investment

Once you are all set up and running, the Perth property management company will continue to be your representative to your tenant. They will take care of collecting rents and will oversee and order any needed maintenance and repairs. They can even appear in court on your behalf should events ever require you to appear in your role as landlord.

Between tenants, the property management team will do a condition report to refresh and replenish your apartment or home and prepare it for the next resident.

What You Should Look For

There are many property management companies out there who will take care of your apartment for you. When you are choosing a company, you should remember that they will be representing you, and as such you should be sure to take your time and do your research.

Your Perth property management team should have experience with your type of property and in the area you invested in. It should be a reputable company that can show you a portfolio of properties that they already represent.

Perhaps most importantly, your management company should be familiar with landlords like you. This is where Ironfish’s property management team excels, since we specialise in working with investors that follow the Ironfish strategy of owning just one or two properties in each town. We understand that your property is an investment and that the part we care for is only a small part of your total investment. We never forget that we aren’t just looking after a house, we’re looking after your investment.