Making the Most Suitable Property Investment in Adelaide

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Making the Most Suitable Property Investment in Adelaide

Property Investment in AdelaideWhen you are planning for your retirement, property investment is an effective way to use your money to generate the returns you need. One way of minimizing risks when investing in property is to spread your purchases across a number of cities and diversify the types of property you buy. While property does generally appreciate over time, individual city markets have their own cycles of rising and falling prices. By ensuring that your property investments are not all in the same city or in the same type of property, you will always have some items in your portfolio on the upswing. To time your entry right, study the local market conditions across the nation.


Advantages of Property Investment in Adelaide

At the moment, property prices in Adelaide have not been appreciating at the same high rates that we’ve seen in other cities in Australia. As such, property in Adelaide is overdue for a major upswing in value. Investing in property in Adelaide right now can benefit you both in the short term and in the long term. Upfront you can make reasonable rates on property price appreciation and rentals, and in five to ten years you will be well positioned as the property market spikes upwards.

Locations to Focus On

The locations where you make your property investment in Adelaide will depend on your borrowing capacity. If you have the funds, buy property close to the city center where your property appreciate faster and you’ll make a higher rental income. Those with less to invest can still purchase profitable property in the inner northern suburbs. Inspect the Property

Once you have identified the location you are interested in, inspect the property to make sure that it can easily be made ready for tenants. Unless you are skilled at renovation, do not purchase a property that requires extensive renovation. Structural fixes can be costly before providing any returns.


Compare the Value of the Property to Others in the Street

As an investor, you need to look at your prospective properties not just from your own perspective, but from a future tenant’s eyes. Never buy the best property in a street, but choose something in the middle of the range. It will be easier to rent out and valued at a fair price –and the value of your property will be affected up by the value of its neighbors.


Have a Mix of Rental and Appreciation Properties

When you are investing in property in Adelaide, you need to have a mix of rental and appreciation properties in your portfolio. This mix will ensure that your current cash flow is able to service the mortgage.


While rental properties represent a lower cost upfront and will produce a revenue stream right away, they will not appreciate as much as properties closer to the city that will cost you more upfront but in the long run will make you more money. If all of the properties you purchase for investment are only likely to appreciate in the long term but fetch lower rental returns, you will find it much more difficult to service your loans.