Real Estate Investment for Beginners and Experts

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Real Estate Investment for Beginners and Experts

From the moment you embark on a career, you should be saving up towards your big life goals and beyond. But how do you put your capital to work in a way that will support you during your retirement and will also leave a legacy for your family?

For many people, the answer is real estate. Investing in real estate gives you a tangible asset that won’t disappear in a market crash, and is a resource that never goes out of trend. Everybody needs a place to live –if your property is in the right place, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be in demand!

Getting started is as simple as a ninety minute meeting with Ironfish, one of Australia’s top property investment companies. We can provide a full property investment analysis to Sydney residents that will give you an overview of real estate investing and come up with an actionable strategy for building a profitable and manageable investment portfolio.


The Ironfish Strategy

One of the first things we’ll cover in your Sydney property investment analysis is the key to successful real estate investing: diversification. You need different types of properties in your portfolio. That way you can purchase some properties that will pay you out right away in higher rents even if the home or apartment doesn’t appreciate too much in value. With that income, you can utilize to purchase appreciation properties that may not pay out up front but will grow in value over the years so you have a bigger recoupment on your initial investment.

You also need to diversify geographically with multiple properties across multiple cities. It’s normal for local markets to occasionally dip or slow down. But with properties not only in Sydney, but also in other major metropolitan areas, you won’t see a local down turn affect your entire portfolio. Ironfish is uniquely poised to help you with that. As we’ll cover in your property investment analysis, you’ll not only have access to the Sydney offices but to our offices across the country, where our expert analysts provide support and local insider knowledge to Ironfish investors.

Real estate investing is a journey you’ll be taking alone. Right from your first meeting with your strategist, we’ll use our custom PPA software to present you with a personalized Portfolio Analysis of your current situation, and a personally tailored plan to purchase at least four properties within just ten years. Imagine the difference that added rental income and from appreciation will make in your life!


The Ironfish Approach

During your property investment analysis, our Sydney based strategist will give you plenty of time for all your questions and concerns. We want you to have the information you need to make an informed, empowered decision in your investment choices. This ninety minute meeting is only the start: we are proud to offer ongoing education, access to strategic VIP opportunities, and even property management services for your rental units.