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Picking Properties in Adelaide

When most people think of property investment consultants, they may assume that their services are only for the super-rich real estate investors. But in fact many Adelaide property investment consultants now specialise in helping ordinary, middle class Australians make their entry into the real estate market. Real estate is a powerful investment tool since, after all, everybody needs a place to live. Today the barrier to becoming a real estate investor is lower than ever. All you need is to find the right place to get started.

Buying the Right Apartment or House

The key is choosing the right first purchase. A property investment consultant in Adelaide will most likely recommend that you choose an apartment or a home in your price range that is located near a city centre: somewhere where you can count on a steady demand for your property. The more demand, the higher rent you can charge. The higher the rent, the fast you can pay down your loan and own the property outright.

Along with location, it’s important to also consider the liveability and the condition of the apartment. New construction is generally the safest option for a first time landlord, since you can be sure it’s in turnkey condition and ready for new tenants without any surprises left by previous occupants. Look for modern construction, open floor plans, low density buildings and plenty of amenities that will bring tenants in.

You should also look for new construction in areas that are due for an upswing in property values. This can be because the city market is coming out of a downturn, because of new infrastructure being built, or for any other reason. This is where having a good property investment consultant who knows Adelaide becomes so important. You consultant should be able to alert you to new developments throughout the city that could lead to a change in property values.

Building Up Your Portfolio

Once you’ve made your first purchase and have your tenant paying rent, it’s time to consider finding your next place – but not in Adelaide. By buying properties in different cities, you protect yourself and your income stream against vagaries in the marketplace. If one city experiences a slump, you’ll have your other properties to carry you through the lean time.

Your Adelaide property investment consultant may not be able to help you buy property in another city, but a property investment consultant with a large company will be able to assist you in connecting with his or her counterpart in Sydney or Brisbane or other parts of the country. Then that city’s property investment consultant can connect you with opportunities there.

Why Choose to Work With Us

At Ironfish, we pride ourselves on being one of Australia’s best property investment companies. We’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals of building wealth and building a legacy that they can hand down to their children for generation to come. If you’re interested in talking with one of our Adelaide property investment consultants, contact us today!