Building Wealth with Property Investment

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Building Wealth with Property Investment

When you have set aside a portion of your income for the future, don’t just leave it in a savings account or lock it away in a retirement fund where you won’t see it for decades. Make the most of your savings by investing that cash into investment properties. The barrier to entry has never been lower, and the demand for affordable apartments and homes in Australia’s major capital cities continues to grow each year. With the help of a property investment consultant in New South Wales, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to enter the market and start making a profit almost at once.

 Where to buy

More and more Australians are moving to city centres where the work is – and they all need apartments or homes to live in. But not all city properties are created equal. Your New South Wales property investment consultant can help you determine the right property for your portfolio.

We start by looking at areas near to financial districts or waterfront property: places where the demand will be the highest. The more desirable the property, the more you can charge in rent and the less time your property will spend vacant between tenants. Unless you yourself are an expert handyman, premium investment properties are not fixer-uppers but turnkey apartments where the experts have already prepped everything for the tenants.

A good property investment consultant will also consider the living experience that each property represents. Does it have an open floor plan with lots of living space? Is it in an area or a building with built in open spaces or nearby parks? The quality of life will affect the value as well.

When to buy

Real estate markets tend to move in seven to ten year cycles upwards and downwards: which is another reason to work with a local New South Wales property investment consultant. He or she will be an expert in the local market and can help you to find and analyse the property value data to anticipate where property values will move next.

A local consultant will also be aware of any upcoming infrastructure or private development that may change the value of the area you are looking at. A new train route, an upgraded park, or a revitalised town square can turn an isolated street into the next trendy area. A property investment consultant carefully tracks proposed and planned developments so he or she can swoop in and snag great bargains before the rest of the market can catch up.

Taking the next step

The first apartment or home is only the beginning. At Ironfish, we believe that your route towards true security is to build an entire portfolio of properties in many different cities across the nation. Should one city slow down, the rents from your other properties will minimise the negative impact until that market has recovered. This is another place a New South Wales property investment consultant can help you connect with other property investment offices across the country, so you get the local perspective no matter where you are looking to buy.