What can a property investment consultant do for you?

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What can a property investment consultant do for you?

It’s no secret that real estate is great way to invest your money, whether you’re saving up for retirement or just looking to add a new stream of income to your family’s finances. Today the barrier to entering the investment property marketplace is lower than ever, particularly with the assistance of property investment consultants in Melbourne such as Ironfish. A property investment consultant is used to working with first time investors and can assist you in not only with expert knowledge of where and when to buy, but can help prepare you for your real estate journey by guiding you through what you can expect.

Your first meeting

Right from your first meeting with your Ironfish Melbourne property investment consultant, you’ll get personalized advice, not just a generic sales pitch. Your consultant will sit down with you for a complete financial review to get a sense of where you are right now and what are the ways that you can move forward. We’ll work with you to make a plan to buy not just one property but to build an entire portfolio that will create a steady stream of income and leave a legacy for your family for generations to come.

Finding your first property

Once we have determined your budget and your financial plan, your property investment consultants in Melbourne will start looking for the right place for you to purchase. We start our search in the city itself, looking for areas that will be in steady demand such as the financial district or the waterfront. The more demand there is, the more valuable the property and less risk that it will stand empty between tenants.

The other thing we look for is new infrastructure or development that may raise the value of previously underdeveloped streets or areas. A property investment consultant tries to anticipate the market rather than following the existing trends. We want you to purchase your apartment before it becomes trendy, and before the property values will rise accordingly.

Finally, we look at the property itself to ensure that it is a home that tenants will be excited to live in! Turnkey properties are usually the way to go – purchasing an apartment or a home that needs extensive renovation can quickly go over your budget before you see a dime of profit.

Building your portfolio

Once your first property is turning a profit, Ironfish Melbourne will connect you with property investment consultants in our other offices across Australia to consider future purchases. By spreading your portfolio out across the country, you minimise the risk to yourself and protect yourself from inevitable local slumps in the market. Should one of your properties stand empty or should you need to lower your rents for a period of time, the income from your other apartments will tide you over.

If you’re interested in breaking into the property investment market, contact Ironfish today to speak with one of our Melbourne property investment strategists.