Getting Started with Property Investment in Perth

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Getting Started with Property Investment in Perth

When it comes to investment, simply putting your funds into a mutual fund can be very risky, especially when stocks tend to rise and fall all at once. Today, many people are diversifying their portfolio by adding investment properties to their assets.  But how do you get started? Where do you turn for advice? Now you can find out for free and start your journey at one of Ironfish’s property investment seminars held right in Perth. The Australian market is on the upswing, particularly in urban areas, and the time has never been better to pick up great deals. At our property investment seminars, we’ll walk you through the basics of choosing what to buy, choosing when to buy it, and getting the most cash from your investment.


Its all in the timing

One of the first principles we cover in our Perth property investment seminars is the importance of timing your entrance and exit from the market. Property values tend to move in seven year cycles, so you want to make sure that you buy at the low point and sell at the high point. That takes research and Ironfish can show you where to look and how to crunch the numbers to anticipate where the market will go next.


Location, Location, Location

No less important than timing is choosing the right part of the city to buy into. You don’t want to buy in an area that’s already saturated. You need to think outside the box and find the next up and coming neighborhoods where your properties will accrue in value faster. In our Perth property investment seminar, we’re going to focus not only on local communities in your own town but in other areas in other cities all across Australia. We recommend purchasing in different cities – then if one city experiences a slowdown, the income from your other properties in other cities will tide you over.


Perfecting Your Balancing Act

Another key part of building your portfolio of properties balancing short term and long term investments. You want to strike a balance between properties that will generate rental income and properties that will provide big payout years down the road. That way you’ll have the income to pay off your loan faster and save thousands of dollars – but you can still make those big buys that take more time and patience. Our property investment seminars offer helpful tips on how to spot great bargains and how to transform outdated spaces quickly into prime rental material with simple remodeling and paint.


The Time to Start is Now!

For years Ironfish has been helping Australians just like you become investors through our property investment seminars. Now Perth residents can discover amazing real estate opportunities in their own home town and get connected to an investment firm that can help them get set up in other cities as well. Property investment can put you on the path to better financial security, more income, and more comfortable retirement as your properties do the earning for you!