Property Investment Seminars in Brisbane: Tips and Tricks of the Trade

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Property Investment Seminars in Brisbane: Tips and Tricks of the Trade

What does it take to make it in the lucrative world of real estate investment? Actually, just a little insider knowledge makes it possible for the average person to start building their portfolio right away! At Ironfish’s Brisbane property investment seminars, our experienced property specialists give you an insider’s view of the real estate market and how you can build a solid portfolio that will be generating income for decades to come.


Why Invest in Real Estate?

Real estate investing is a great way to plan for your retirement. Unlike stock or bonds, property leaves you with a tangible asset that can be insured against disaster and won’t disappear on you if the market crashes. If you have the patience for long term investing, you’ll see your initial investment pay off even bigger down the road. Plus, your property will generate significant income every month in rents for a minimal amount of work and maintenance once it has been paid off.


Where to Get Started

The best place to start on your property investment journey is by knowing what kind of property you should be looking to buy. You’ll want to balance your portfolio between rental properties that will start paying back your investment right away and appreciation properties that will grow exponentially in value over the years even if they aren’t worth as much up front.

An important note though: as we’ll cover in our Brisbane property investment seminar, that does not mean that you should invest you’re hard earned money into fixer-uppers. A home or an apartment that isn’t already in livable condition can be ruinously expensive to renovate.


Where to Look

We encourage our investors and our partners to think outside the box. Don’t buy the most expensive home on the block, or pay more than you can afford for a unit in the hottest building in town. Those properties have already hit the peak of their value and it’ll be hard to find tenants who can afford to live there. Look for mid-range properties in up and coming neighborhoods: areas that are on the rise or that have infrastructure coming in.

Ironfish can help you find the best areas to invest in. Our Brisbane property investment seminar won’t just cover local suburbs – we’re going to talk about investing across all of Australia. When your portfolio is diversified not only over different types of properties but over different cities, you’ll be insulating yourself from small local slumps.


When to Buy

You should also consider the timing of your purchase. Real estate moves in cycles, so if neighborhood values are currently high, it may be better to wait a few years for the value to fall. Our property investment seminar will show you how to do the research and analyze the data that you find. We’ll help you take the long view on your portfolio so you won’t feel rushed into buying or into selling. Our Brisbane team looks forward to seeing you at our next seminar!