Achieve Your Financial Goals with Property Investment Seminar in Adelaide

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Achieve Your Financial Goals with Property Investment Seminar in Adelaide

Are you looking for ways to invest your hard earned money for a secure retirement? Are you planning for the years ahead and want to arrange a reliable source of income that will support you and supplement your savings for years to come? Then Ironfish may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Ironfish is one of Australia’s leading property investment firms and we are seeking new partners and investors to join our growing ranks of success stories. In our property investment seminars, now offered in Adelaide, we’ll give you a thorough grounding in the benefits and techniques of real estate investment. Our experienced team has been helping ordinary investors get started and established in building a portfolio of properties that will start generating income immediately and will appreciate over time into assets that can be sold or held onto as rental units.


The Most Important Principles

The most important principle that we teach at our Adelaide property investment seminar is balance: balance between different locations, balance between different types of property, and balance in your timing.

We strongly recommend purchasing real estate in more than one city – in as many cities as possible, in fact. You need to plan for months when your rental properties may stand empty as you look for new tenants. By spreading your investments across the country, you’ll have a cushion to protect you against local dips in the market.

Different types of units will offer you different types of payoff for your investment. At our Adelaide property investment seminar, we’ll cover the two major ones: rental units that start paying you back immediately and appreciation properties that offer a bigger return on your initial investment once their promise has been released. You’ll want a mix of both types of these properties so you’ll be able to generate cash quickly to pay back any loans on the properties and own them outright. Then you can get the very best deal when it’s time to sell.

You’ll also want to carefully consider your timing when purchasing. Real estate markets generally move in seven year cycles that rise and fall. For the best value, you’ll want to invest when the market is at its lowest. Years down the line, you’ll want to sell when property values are their highest. Our property investment specialists will go over ways to research property values and trends to look for that will signal where your property is in the cycle.


Your Partner and Mentor

Ironfish offers boots-on-the-ground expertise in cities that include Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. Our property investment seminar will not only give you an education in the basics, but also cover what we can do for you. From assisting you with research, pointing you towards promising properties, or even managing your property for you, Ironfish offers unparalleled service. Check out our property investment seminar today for a no-obligation chance to learn something new and meet some of our strategists. We look forward to getting to know you better!