Planning Precious Property Investment in Sydney

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Planning Precious Property Investment in Sydney

Property Investment in SydneySydney is the largest city in Australia and is projected to keep growing over the next decades, well into 2030. More and more people are flocking to this financial and business center creating strong economic growth. Boasting a mild climate, coastal location, and beautiful art and entertainment locations, migration into the city is considerably higher than migration out. These are among the reasons why many experienced property investors make sure to include a property in Sydney as part of their portfolio.


Supreme Returns on Investment

In recent years Sydney property prices have increased by well over 10 percent per annum, ensuring that the value of the property will double in less than seven years. This trend is expected to continue with foreign investors such as those from China also buying in Sydney while renters and residents prepare for an expected housing shortage in a few years. This is because there have been significantly fewer housing approvals in Sydney compared to some other Australian cities.


Infrastructure Development Planned

Another major advantage for property investment in Sydney is the upcoming infrastructure development in various suburbs. The government has plans for suburban train stations, express bus stops, and shops within walking distance of most homes in suburbs. Investing in new property in these suburbs is sure to pay off as renters will are attracted to areas from where they can commute easily and walk to shops, parks, shopping centers, movie theaters, and schools.


Rental Yields

When you are looking for investment property in Sydney you need to look at rental yields as well. A desirable property is one where you will be able to quickly find a replacement tenant when one leaves. For this, check the vacancy rate in the area by looking for unlighted windows in the evening. You should choose a location that will appeal to many types of people –singles, young couples, and families. The ideal choice is an attractive and easy to maintain property that is close to shops, schools, and hospitals and within an easy commute of the central business district or other places of employment.


Consult Property Experts

When planning to invest in property in Sydney, consult with property investment experts who have access to historical price and rental value data. They will also have information on tax rates, proposals for infrastructure development, and vacancy rates, ensuring that you can make an informed decision about the property purchase.