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Property Management Australia

big-houses-with-pools-hd-big-beach-houses-hd-wallpapers-free-desktop-wallpapers-hd-genovicWhen it comes to getting the most from your investment property, having the right property manager in Australia makes all the difference. A good property manager will take care of everything, from placing tenants to handling major and minor disputes of all kinds. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits as the rental income comes rolling in.

Ironfish is now pleased to offer property management services throughout several major Australian cities. It’s all part of the plan to ensure that our valued investors are getting the absolute most for their money.

Taking the First Steps

If you’ve purchased your first investment property, then the first thing you need is to get it cleared by the local government as an official rental unit. This means lodging the bond and arranging for any necessary inspections.

Our Ironfish Australia property management team is already familiar with the expectations and the requirements for rental units in their own home towns. They can help you clear your way through all the hurdles ahead, including lodging the bond and passing any required inspections.

While this is going on, the local property manager will actually visit the unit in question to get a feel for it. They may prepare a condition report to let you know about any issues or concerns they may have that need to be addressed before the unit can be rented out.

Once the paperwork is done and the property ready for occupancy, your property manager will take the lead on finding and screening prospective tenants through local channels. They’ll be responsible for collecting rents and responding to complaints or making repairs. If any ongoing maintenance is required, such as gardening or duct cleaning, your Australia property management team will hire the workers and oversee the job.

And in the highly unlikely circumstance that a dispute ever escalates into a lawsuit, your property manager can represent your interests as the property owner on your behalf in court.

Your Continued Success

If you choose to work with Ironfish for your Australia property needs, then you’re choosing a real estate management that specialises in the unique demands of Ironfish customers. We have experience in working with homes and apartments, and with property owners who may only have one or two units within our particular area.

We understand that your portfolio isn’t concentrated in one city but spread out across the entire continent, and that this may very well be your first real estate investment. You’ll find our whole team to be supportive and eager to help you understand what is required of you and what it means for your bottom line.

Ironfish wants to be a part of your success story. We believe in our strategy and in the long lasting effects of doing things the right way so that you get the most from your investment. To learn more about what Ironfish can do for you, visit us at one of our free seminars or call to make your appointment.