Taking Care of Your Rental Property in Melbourne

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Taking Care of Your Rental Property in Melbourne

After you’ve purchased your investment property, the next step is finding a property management firm to take care of it for you. After all, if you live in Perth but your rental is in Melbourne, you can’t take of everything personally.

A good property management firm can be there acting on your behalf in your dealings with tenants, neighbors, staff, and even the local government. And Ironfish is proud to recommend our own property management team in Melbourne to all our investors.


What to Consider When Choosing a Property Manager

Before you sign the agreement, you and your property manager should be sure that you’re on the same page about how he or she will be managing your property. After all, this person will be empowered to act on your behalf. At our Melbourne property management office, we’re sure to go over all of the following with potential new lessees:

–          The experience our team has in handling similar units to yours. We’re happy to share our portfolio with you.

–          Our approach to handling tenant disputes and concerns.

–          How hands-on we will be with problems and how involved you would like to be

–          What kind of financial reporting we offer you: including how many times per year we’ll report in and what kind of information will be included.


Why Choose Ironfishs Melbourne Property Management Team

There are many high quality property management firms in major cities like Melbourne. But only Ironfish’s team is accustomed to working with folks who may only have one or two units or homes within the area. We understand that your investments are spread out across the continent – in fact, we specialize in working with lessees and property owners with other interests in other cities.

Our Melbourne property management team works with you where you are at, whether you’ve been doing this for years or this is your first rental property. Your property manager will get you started by doing an assessment of the property and suggesting what rate you should charge based on the local market. He or she can tell you what insurance you’ll need, what paperwork you need to fill out, and on what if any work needs to be done to get your property in compliance with regulations for rental units.

Once everything is set up, the property manager will advertise for tenants, screen and interview candidates, and sign the let on your behalf. The Melbourne property management team then services the lease: collecting rents from your tenants and fulfilling your obligations to them in any needed repairs or upgrades to the property. The team will perform periodic inspections, hired any needed repairmen or landscapers, and pay accounts and utilities. A property manager can even represent you in court in the highly unlikely chance that that would be required.

Our whole team at Melbourne property management understands that your rental property is your investment in your future. We treat every apartment and home we handle with careful attention to every detail.