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Managing Your Investment Property

So, you bought your dream investment property through Ironfish. Now what?

Now comes the work of actually generating money through renting it out to tenants. We know that you’ve probably got units in cities across Australia – you can’t possibly take care of each one personally, not if you’re in Perth and your rental is in Sydney. That’s why you need a Sydney property management team who can be there in person, representing you as your agent in dealing with tenants and the local government.

What a Property Management Team Does

Having a property management team for your Sydney rental means that you can relax while your designated agent takes care of everything for you. A property manager handles it all, from finding tenants to representing your side in court if it ever comes to that.

One of the property manager’s most important jobs is to be your expert and provide you with guidance. He or she can review your property with a professional eye, recommend what rate you should charge, and make sure you have the right insurance to cover you from natural or manmade disaster. The property management team will also get you up to speed with any inspections that need to happen and with lodging the bond.

Once you’re set, the property manager will handle finding tenants and will take care of the lease for you. They’ll continue to be your representative with your tenant – collecting rents, performing any needed inspections, and handling complaints and requests. They’ll prepare condition reports at the beginning and the end of tenancies. A property management firm can also oversee the physical condition of your unit, from landscaping to repairs to upgrades.


How to Choose a Property Management Team in Sydney

When you are choosing a property management team for your Sydney property, the first thing that you look for should be a company that has experience with the type of real estate that you own. It is perfectly appropriate to ask to see their portfolio of rental properties.

You should also look for someone whose management style fits your own. You’ll want to get a sense for how the firm will treat your tenants and their concerns, how frequently they’ll perform inspections, and how often they’ll provide you with financial statement and reports. Or course, you’ll also want to know their fees and rates.


Working With a Name You Trust

When it comes to property management in Sydney, you can work with a name you already know. Ironfish not only helps our investors with their property purchasing, but we continue to provide services after your purchase that include, yes, property management. Our team specializes in working with investors that may only own a handful of properties. We understand how much each one means to you and we do our best to help you achieve your goals.  Our entire Sydney property management team brings experience and professionalism to everything unit that we represent.