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Property Management Services in New South Wales

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and embark on your investment property portfolio journey, then buying the house or apartment is only the first step. What happens next is actually turning your new home into a source of income. And to do that, you need a property management team in New South Wales.

A property management representative serves as your own personal expert and overseer. If you’re in a different part of the country or you just aren’t sure what is required of you as a landlord, then a property management company can help you get set up and can do practically all the work for you.

How to Choose Your New South Wales Property Management Team

Your property management team will have a great deal of responsibility and oversight over your business affairs. They will be your representative to your tenants and – depending on your agreement with them – may even be able to authorise repairs and actions on the apartment without your approval. So you want to be sure that you’ve chosen a New South Wales property management company that you can trust.

You should look for a company that handles properties like the ones that you own. An experienced company should be able to show you a portfolio of their properties. You should also look for one that has experience with landlords like you, who owns a selection of higher end properties instead of entire blocks. Otherwise, you risk getting lost in the shuffle. You need a company that will understand that your apartment represents your plan for your financial future.

What a Property Management Company Does

Once you’ve settled on a company, they will begin by doing an in person assessment of your unit. You can expect a condition report, detailing how they found your house or apartment, noting any repairs that may be required, and determining whether or not it is ready for tenants.

If this is their first time through, they’ll probably help you decide on what type of rental rate you wish to charge, based on current market conditions and on the amenities of the home. They’ll also check to be sure you’ve done all the paperwork required to get started, from lodging the bond to scheduling any special inspections.

Your property management company in New South Wales will be the ones who advertise for a tenant and who do the background checks and interviews on promising candidates. Once your tenant is installed , your property management company will be their first point of contact: collecting rents and fielding requests for maintenance or repairs.

Go With the Folks You Know

Ironfish is pleased to announce that it has made available property management services in New South Wales for all our valued customers. We offer the same great service that makes us a top Australian business. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with one of our expert agents, or join us our next free seminar in your area.