Maintaining and Managing Your Investment Property

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Maintaining and Managing Your Investment Property

So you’ve started building up your investment property portfolio and you’ve chosen your first purchase. But now how do you get it ready for rental? How do you find a good tenant? How do you make sure you’re offering professional landlord service in a town that’s several thousand miles away?

Ironfish’s services don’t end when you purchase your property. We provide professional property management in Sydney and other Australian cities. So if you are looking for someone to manage your new rental unit, whether home or apartment, Ironfish is here to help you take the next step and start generating income out of your investment.

Work With a Name You Can Trust

Of course, the biggest advantage of Ironfish property management in Sydney is that we are used to working with other Ironfish partners just like you. We understand that you may only have a single property in our area of service, but that that doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t an experienced investor. We work with first time buyers as well as those who’ve been investing with Ironfish or on their own for years.

Your relationship with Ironfish begins with a complete financial analysis and a detailed investment plan to chart out where you want to be and what you can reasonably expect to make. That relationship carries over to the property management side. We aren’t just caring for your apartment, we understand that we are caring for your investment. We see you as a person, not as a client. At Ironfish, your success is our success and we have every reason to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. We are also familiar with your investment strategy, your financial goals, and are happy to offer updates as you need them. You won’t be overlooked or pushed to the back. We see your whole portfolio and understand how all the moving pieces fit together.

What Our Property Managers Do

As part of our Sydney property management service, we take care of almost all the logistics involved in keeping your apartment or home occupied. We’ll review the apartment in person to make sure it’s ready for the market and we’ll advertise for and screen prospective tenants. Once your tenant is installed, we’ll take the lead on collecting rents and responding to requests for repairs and upkeep.

In some cases, if we are not able to take on the property management job ourselves, we will outsource to an outside reliable, thoroughly vetted property management company. But Ironfish will continue to be your local eyes on the ground, ensuring that you are getting and providing good service at all times.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in property investment, the first step is to attend one of Ironfish’s free informational seminars. Or contact your local Ironfish office to learn more about buying investment property, property management, and other services that we provide in your area. Our team can’t wait to help you get started on your journey towards financial independence!