Let me ask you a few questions…


arrowHave you always wanted to invest in property but don’t know where
to start?


arrowAre you worried you may not have enough savings, income or equity to
buy property?


arrowDo you already own property but still haven’t achieved your financial


arrowDo you feel overwhelmed and confused by all of the information about property investing in the media?


arrowDo you feel you don’t have enough time to learn everything you need to know about property investing?


If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then keep reading because I have some great news for you!

17th June (Wed) 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Suite 501, 74-76 Burwood Road, Burwood

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Now You Can Learn Everything You Need to Know
About Property Investing in Just 2 Hours!








seminarIf you’ve always been curious about what property investment can do for you, attend a FREE educational property investment seminar from the leading property experts at Ironfish!




Book now for the FREE 2 hour seminar and discover:


arrowHow to build a diverse portfolio of 4 or more properties


arrowHow to find the HOT properties and get them at great prices


arrowHow you could replace your income over time


arrowHow to build your equity over the long term


arrowThe latest information on property market trends for major Australian cities


arrowGet all your biggest questions about property investing answered LIVE


arrowPlus much, much more!



17th June (Wed) 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Suite 501, 74-76 Burwood Road, Burwood

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woman“Owning a property of my own has always been in my mind, but I didn’t know where to start, where to buy, and if I can afford it.

After attending Ironfish’s mind-opening seminar, I came to know the investment philosophy.


Thank you Ironfish for changing my thinking and making me feel so positive about my life.

Sophie, Nurse




Without a Mentor Most People Struggle
to Ever Achieve Their Financial Goals





Most people know that property investment is a tried-and-true way to grow wealth. And many have read every book available on the subject. Yet they still fail to get started. What’s stopping these people from investing in property?

They have the knowledge … but not the right guidance.


Most of the time, in order to succeed, people need someone to mentor them. It’s like learning to swim by reading about swimming versus learning to swim by taking a class with a teacher and other students.


You’re going to succeed when you have an expert to show you exactly what to do to succeed.


Without a mentor, your property investment goals remain a vague idea. But with an Ironfish strategist to help you every step of the way (and inspire you by their own successes) it becomes something you can do. You can see the steps, you can see the joy and self-respect of those who did it before you, and you can see yourself finally achieving your financial goals!


17th June (Wed) 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Suite 501, 74-76 Burwood Road, Burwood


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“Some friends of mine have made a fortune through property investment and I always regretted that I never got started. Awhile ago, I attended an Ironfish seminar and was so inspired by the presentation and the speaker’s own property investing experience and stories.


Following the seminar, I met with Ironfish’s strategist who impressed me so much that within the next two months, I bought two properties and I am so proud to become an investor now. Without Ironfish, I wouldn’t have achieved so much. I want to thank the Ironfish team for their excellent service and support.”

Tony, Engineer





Learn from the Top Experts In Australian Property Investment

We have more than 100 property investment strategists in ten offices throughout Australia, and three in China.

Most of Ironfish strategists are also serious investors themselves who passionately believe in the Ironfish mission of educating people about property investing.


That’s why each Ironfish strategists are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, so you can stay on track to reaching your financial goals.


“I attended a seminar with my daughter to learn about property investment and was pleasantly surprised about the information freely provided and without hard sell.


I attended a follow up meeting with our strategist who shared with me and my partner how we could meet our investment goals and help out our daughter as well. I would certainly recommend the team at Ironfish if you would like to get into property but are uncertain how to start.

Their follow up has also been excellent.

David, Chartered Accountant



What Are You Waiting for?
Your First Step Towards Wealth Creation Starts
With Registering Your FREE Seat Today




17th June (Wed) 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Suite 501, 74-76 Burwood Road, Burwood

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Attend an Ironfish property investment seminar in a city near you. Our seminars are FREE, there’s no pressure or sales pitches and they’re open to everyone. No matter if you’re a seasoned investor or just curious about what property investment can do for you.


Book your FREE seat today. You’ll be glad you did.


So come, relax, listen to our experts and enjoy yourself for a couple hours… you definitely won’t regret it, and it may turn out to be the first fateful step on your journey to financial freedom!