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Gary Ma

General Manager, Ironfish Melbourne

Originally born in Hong Kong and educated in Canada, Gary eventually migrated to Australia where he settled in Melbourne. He has been in the professional sales industry for more than 25 years. During his 20 years of working with one of the top Toyota dealerships in Australia, he was part of a senior management team that helped Toyota regain the number 1 car manufacturer status from Holden in Victoria, and along the way won many personal awards including the coveted silver knight award for excellence in customer service. As General Sales Manager, Gary led a dynamic sales team that won the best salesperson award in Australia five times.

Gary met Ironfish CEO Joseph Chou and Melbourne Managing Director Ellen Bian in early 2007 and was inspired by them and the Ironfish investment system and vision. He finally joined the Ironfish Melbourne office that year and enjoyed immediate success as Sales Manager and, then, as General Manager.

Gary is an avid property investor himself and has a passion for the company vision to help ordinary people fulfil their dreams in this lucky country.