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Joanne Chen

Managing Director, Ironfish Beijing

Originally from Shanghai, Joanne migrated to Australia in 2000 to complete her Bachelor degree in Accounting at the University of Sydney and worked in a Charter Accounting firm specialising in taxation. In 2003, Joanne bought her first investment property and joined the real estate industry where she successfully ran her own real estate office for 4 years. After meeting Ironfish founder and CEO Joseph Chou and General Manager Lanny Xu in 2006, she joined the Ironfish team in early 2007. Joanne natural talents were evident as she quickly developed a reputation as one of the top strategists nationally, and she helped hundreds of investors build their investment portfolio. Her leadership talents were also evident as she quickly moved up the company ranks to became a sales leader, Manager and now Sales Director of our flagship China office – Ironfish Shanghai.

Joanne is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, CPA and a keen investor for property.